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Spanish Woodland Wonderland ..

This house is a stunning Modern Masterpiece....the house is by Benjamin Calleja and I love all the wood and light open spaces. I grew up spending a lot of time in Spain and would love to go back...even more so if I have somewhere like this to spend my time xx

Oh the open space...

One day I WILL have a room big enough to house a table like that

Love the reflection...

and they have another one in doors!!

I am to OCD to have my wardrobe on display but it does look cool

That is a basin to die for..
We love our weatherboard but possibly whne the kids move out of home and we want to downsize I reckon husby and I may save up to build our own Modern Masterpiece xx


  1. great place, i'd like to move in there now thanks. x

  2. I would love to be sitting at that big table right now, with my laptop, soaking up the rays. Beautiful house.

  3. Hello Monday :)

    I totally agree

    I would hate for my wardrobe to be on 'show'

    Love the pictures.

    How huge is that outdoor table and chairs!



  4. oh it is amazing. seriously i would never leave!!

  5. This house is awesome, it is so tastefully designed that I remain speechless. Absolutely gorgeous.


  6. Betty A Harrington17 August 2011 at 22:05

    Absolutely awesome. Can't you see this up at El Madronal perched on a hill looking down to San Pedro .....places we frequented when you were growing up


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