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Ten on Ten

I discovered this fab idea from Maxabella commenting on someone else's blog...I lost track as I was just pottering around as usual...

all you have to do is take a photo an hour for ten hours and capture a beautiful day in your life, It is called Ten on Ten and you can link up over here..

It was a weird day for me to photograph as I didn't have my little ones with me but here it is...

7am Kitty dancing trying to get warm
8am dropped the kids off at Childcare
9am Spin Class
10am the ones that got away... should have bought them..
11am Shopping Done
12 Midday...Yum Cha....Oooh yeah!!
1pm Home Sweet Home
2pm Time for a Cuppa
3pm Always miss my kids right about now...
4pm sending a pic to Emily to show her I am OCD

I am now looking forward to doing this next months as will be a Saturday so far less chore worthy day and much more interesting for you guys... Soz!! xx


  1. I love this 10 on the 10th game, it's fantastic. Must join in next month, must ensure my day is exciting!! With all the children in school my day has definite sections & yes, a spin class, yay, love them!! Love your 10, love Posie

  2. I noticed Maxabella doing it yesterday and thought it was a fab idea! I was too late yesterday, but I am going to try and remember for next month! Can you remind me the day before!? x

  3. im so gonna be posting that little pic on my blog!! Gonna be laughing WITH you for sure (but you are laughing AT me and my filth right?)

    xo em

  4. Sannah, I will try and remember...@Posie...I think I will just get more creative and think ahead next time as this time I was just lucky to remember to get one done each hour.. @Em, always laughing WITH you...your filth is my secret fetish, lol x

  5. You SO should have bought those shoes...LOVE.

  6. Nice idea for a monthly linky/meme.

  7. I knew you would love this Ten on Ten thing as much as me. A great little record, huh? I thought your day was far more interesting than mine - you yum cha-cha'd!!

    I love your pantry. I knew you would have a super-stylish and organised pantry (well, if I thought about it I would have known for sure!!)

    Should have bought the shoes, Tessa.


  8. I love this idea..i might have to try it out tomorrow :)- you never realize until you see images what a busy and fun days we actual have:) xx

  9. What a interesting idea!! I will have to try the 10 on 10 someday!

  10. I am VERY jealous of your organization. That would last all of five minutes in my house!! ;)

  11. This is so cool, you should have bought the trainers!

  12. Love your spin class photo! And your pantry! Oh my! I am amazed. Mine is a total wreck!

  13. I have discovered this blog hop today and sounds like so much fun! cant wait till next Ten on Ten


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