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Through the Eyes of My Kitty...

On Saturday I showed you Joshs 4th Birthday through pictures that I had taken... today I thought I would show the little collection that Kitty did...all on her own and no help or direction... I was impressed.. she snaps away at home but has never done at an far xx

I love seeing the things she chose to photograph and Josh's Mum Mel loved the fact she had got Leo Lion who is Josh's Lifelong friend.. cute xx


  1. Perspeculation is a word I made up to describe seeing the world from a different perspective.

    That's exactly what we got with these terrific photos - yey Kitty!

    xx Felicity

  2. she is an art director in the making... i'll take he under my wing i'm sure in a fair few years time lol xx Great work Kitty or (Kiddy as Josh seems to think you are called lol)... Yes still in amazement of Leo Lion being part of the shot, very cool, she knows what Joshie loves. ;) x

  3. Children's perspective gets me every time. x

  4. Hello Tessa

    I love the eye behind that camera - I think it is something that we need to get back to -'what a child see's and not what we think they see'

    lovely photos and have a great day


  5. @Felictity, love a made up word there should be a new dictionary for them..
    @ Mel...Art Director will do me..better than BUzz Lightyear or a Pirate;)
    @Maxabella & Lou Lou... Gotta agree... I like her view xx


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