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Wallstudio is launched...

As if the talents of Janette, a Sydney Graphic Designer, were not already displayed in abundance by way of her shop My Sweet Prints the clever little bunny has launched ANOTHER fab store called Wallstudio

Her concept gives you the opportunity to dress your walls in the latest styles without it costing a fortune, taking over the design style or needing you to spend a weekend creating the look!!.

We at Down that Little Lane will of course be looking to stock her designs as we don't want to miss out on this fab idea xx


  1. She is fabulous isn't she - and what a great concept

    I wish her all the success with this


  2. Thank you Tessa! You're too kind!
    I'm so glad you like the concept, as you also know from your new venture, it's nerve wracking trying something brand new :) I hope wallstudio will work well for both of us!
    Thanks again,


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