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Whats in a Name?

Do you think a name can effect the sort of person a child grows into?.. It's a massive decision for parents and its funny when people discuss what different names mean to them as they can be such polar opposites.

My daughter is Kitty Jasmine White ( a name I consider quite feminine, ignore the White bit) and she is into Toy Story, Cars, being a Pirate or a Superhero and is crap at ballet and couldn't care what she is dressed in each day at age 4. This does not shock me in the slightest as I grew up under a race car helping my Dad's mechanic fix stuff and owned a skateboard and BMX ( I had lots of Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and a few Care Bears but I think that was as girly as I got) I reckon they just wear a name not develop it.

My Son is Harrington Kingsley White (he's just a normal little fella but at only 2.5yrs we will see)... I actually think his name sounds like a pompus aristocrat if you use it in its full version but the Harrington is my Maiden name, the Kingsley is his Dad's family middle name (5 other brothers with the same) so we love his name as it forms our new little family. Ironically as he gets called Hazzle and Harry all the time I think his actual USED name sounds like a naughty schoolboy which I fear will be much closer to the truth!!

What are your kids names? Do their personalities match them? 

that would be me in my Dads Racing Car....


  1. My daughter is Alexandra Jane Heather B... I picked the name Alexandra, as I wanted a name that was strong but feminine, old but not nana-ish and would suit anything from a princess to a high court judge! My paternal Grandmother (who lived overseas and I wasn't particularly close to, although had been as a child) died while I was in the hospital having her, and even though we had already selected the name, I realised later that Nanna's name, Alice, was quite similar. Alexander is also a family name on my Mum's side.
    Jane is my middle name, and Heather is a tribute to my family name. We have a long surname, so it's really fun trying to fit it all on forms!
    So, that's the condensed version of my name selection!

  2. My daughter Sarah's middle name, Veronica was chosen to honour her great grandmother. I love that. As a teacher, names remind you of particular children who you taught and so (appologies in advance) I would never have a Daniel. Whilst I was pregnant with my first daughter I taught 4 (!) Sarahs and all were delightful, my baby name selection thrilled each one and at 22 is truely delightful!

  3. I have a Claudine Brooke. Claudine would you believe it i have carried aroudn with me since I was small and read Enid Blytons St Claires series, claudine was the naughty-but-nice French girl I admired. I've said since I was small i would call my daughter that, and we liked the way brooke bounced along with our surname of bennett x

  4. We have two boys. Ronan Noel Hutchens (2 yrs old) and Finnian Michael Hutchens (3 months).
    Ronan is an Irish name and means 'little seal' - he is a gentle, cheeky fair haired boy. Noel is my father's name.
    Finnian is also an Irish name. I have always loved the name Finn. It means 'fair and courageous'. Michael is my husband's name.
    Ronan 'grew' into his name, it was different and that suits him. Finn already seems to suit our baby boy. He has little cute features and pointy little 'pixie' ears.

  5. My poor 1 year old has been lumbered with Wolfgang George John Winch McFarland. The more his grand-folk suggested we just name him Wolfe when he was born, the more we knew it had to be Wolfgang. It was the only name my husband and I could agree on. George is my husbands and father-in-laws middle name, and John is to honour my dad who passed away a few years ago. I wasn't willing to let go of my family name (stubborn? yes.) so on top of the 3 given names, he has 2 surnames. Here is this boy that has a whole novel for his birth certificate, and will run out of ink before he gets to the end of signing his name.

    We call him Wolfie for short, but we can't use it when (or if) he gets in trouble. It sounds too cute, just like he is. It has to 'Wolfgang... stop that'. Then he'll know we mean business!

  6. I only think it matters when children are lumped with silly names by their hipster parents. It obviously matters to them as so many go on to change their names later - Leaf anyone? I also can't see Apple remaining fruity her whole life. That is a really stupid name for a human... but nice for fruit. x

  7. So when I was giving birth I was sure that my husband would give in and feel indebted to me for all the trouble and suffering I'd gone to being pregnant and delivering his children! We had top 5 lists for both, but disagreed on what the first choice should be. I didn't force the issue because I assumed he would just let me make the final decision as a kind of pushing present! But I was so knackered afterwards and kind of lost interest in the battle and he didn't back down in any way. So we have Poppy and Charlie. I was sure I didn't want the name Poppy as it was Jamie Oliver's daughter's name and I didn't want to be a celebrity follower, and I liked Clementine, Phoebe or Eliza. I lost. She quite suits Poppy, although should be called Satan more often than not. She's Poppy Eliza Margaret (her great grandmother's name). Then for Charlie, I was happy with that, as it's my maternal grandfather's name, not that I ever met him, but nice to have some family connection. He's Charlie Oliver Ussher (my husband's family name, not the singer!).


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