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Who's Who...

Kate's Matrons of amazing does Viv look? so different from her norm...
Carine Roitfield and Terry Richardson

Miss Osbourne

How nice is it that her X came.. Leilas Dad, Jefferson

Mr Louboutin himself and Bella Freud

I love Phillip Treacy Hats...Jack White (whatever)

The McCartney's.. so much talent in one picture!!

Marianne and Karen, hi ya but Nick Knight.. OH HELLO!!

Naomi..whatever...Marc Jacobs....SWOON!!

OK Mario and Mario I love your pics, Jude I love..... you?!
So there were many more famous faces to be found but none of the others interested me so I have selfishly only captured my favourites...I would be pretty humbled to have all this talent in my life as mates but not so sure I would be so grateful of the pressures and eagle eye that is created as a side line.. how about you?

You can catch the rest in Vogue xx

Oh and I am holding my first linky party on this coming Monday.. it is a Pinterest Party and runs all week so you can link up anytime, please do join in.. I am a little nervous about it all...



  1. So many favorites of mine too! Thanks for posting these intimate pics. Hope you have a great weekend and stop by my blog too, if you get a chance!


  2. I'll RSVP to your pinterest party, Tessa. Don't be worried, it will get there.

    I don't really care so much for celebpretties like K Moss, but agree that some of the talent in these pics should be bottled.

    ... I tuck it through the hairband. x


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