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I'm Grateful I am a Garden Widow

I have been left alone...left alone in my little corner with my computer as my best buddy. So that doesn't sound very cool. Or maybe it does actually, except this all involves rather a lot of work and not enough play BUT the reason I am alone is my hubby has been creating...



He has been creating borders, making sandpits, removing stones and replacing with turf, planting fruit trees and tending our veggie patches. I can handle being a Garden Widow when this is the outcome..

What do you get abandoned for?

Wordless Wednesday.... White n Light

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Getting Hitched Giveaway...

Are you? Aren't you? Will you? Want to? Know someone else that is? Minted are sponsoring this giveaway and offering a $100 voucher towards wedding stationery from one of their stunning wedding programs

Feel free to enter for whoever as I know a fair few of you are already married!!...
They do really unique wedding invitations and have everything to match from Menu Cards to Place Cards and even Mini Books. I have chosen a selection of my favs below and I would be so hard pushed to choose if I were doing it all again..

Our Minted Giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere...

Normal rules apply..

1.Make a comment for one entry
2. Twitter about my giveaway, let me know, and you receive another entry
3. Write a blog post to gain another two entries and again leave a comment with the link
4. Go onto Facebook and like my page OR send someone else and have them credit the referral to you and let me know for your final chance of winning  

I will announce the winner on  the 4th of October and then you will be able to choose from their site and create something fab for a special day x

Pinterest Party...

My kids are my be all and end all.. here's a few images of things I have already done or 100% want to do for them.. at some stage...

For me or them?....depends who is asking!!

I have done this in H's room only two levels but about to add a 3rd

I have found a person who can do this ;)

This just has to be the best and most simple

Years of Junior Masterpieces in One Frame..

Think my moment may have passed on this ?!

Is my Hazzle to big to be a Max now?
 Have you made anything fab for your kids that you or they adored? Doesn't have to be big does it?... Just made with love x

Its like shopping for free.....

Seen as husby has had some time off I took him to my favourite Vinnys the other day... I know he always believes me when I come home with things and say it only cost me $2 but secretly I wonder if he thinks I'm sort of telling porkies..

I could almost enjoy being at the sink these days with my bits to look at

Anywho he came with and got to see my excitement as we walked it to find Bric a Brac on 50% off!!.. Bric a Brac is soooo MY section and it is cheap as chips normally so 50% off?!. I picked up a new Utensils Holder, Jam Pot and Cooks Nips for $5!!

Freaked one of my besties out when she came over as her Mum had the same one growing up..I secretly thought that was very cool as shows its true retro x

Marcus didn't like my old pen vase so voted for this as a new vessel!

He loves a good read and got his Robert Ludlums for $2 each which I will promptly return to the same shop once he is finished.. $39 vs $4.. now let me think?!. I had to hold him back from wandering off with a whole cupboard full of goodies for the bus. Luckily he saw a new trolley arriving with plenty more so was assured it was not a one off occasion to find such treasures.

How often do you go treasure hunting at your local Charity Shop?


I am grateful my husband fully supports me in everything I do

I am grateful that we as a family are pursuing our dream 

I am grateful that lots of the talented people across Australia are sharing my dream

Today Hubby and I took some time out to just be. We had a lovely morning filled chatting about our hopes and dreams for our family, our life and our future (mixed with lots of work e mails but still it was just us and your thoughts)

We finally had the opportunity to release our "Imagine" house from 1000 Homes of Happiness. We went to a lovely spot with a great view which ever way you look along with plenty of shade, perfect I thought. I have been dying to do this ever since I had Kellie send it to us but we wanted it to be on the day our first seller signed to our website...that day came and we are so proud of what we have created and can't wait to show you all very soon..

I am grateful for so many things and to so many people and I will sing their praise in due course as today for me is just about "imagining" xx

The Happiness of the Background in The Foreground....

So I am sitting here on this sort of special day thinking about the fact that as we sent our a few specially designed postcards yesterday, today some of the sellers that I have spent the last two years handpicking will receive their invitations to be part of our website launching this month... I am told by all those who know that anyone would be an idiot to pass up the opportunity but I can't help but stress about rejection....

We posted the internationals on Wednesday night and all the rest the next day with the kids at the Little Red Box across the road from our house 

Kitty took this pic of Harrington mid-way....still love her pictures....

That is our house in the background and that is the postbox in the foreground that holds the invites to our future..... My fingers are firmly crossed xx

Do dreams become reality?