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Daddys Day

 We started in bed with paintings from the kids and my yearly photo book of just the Kids 'n' Dad. I thought Kitty's explanation of her pictures was tops and Harrington's little saying was rather amusing considering how tall my Dad is and he will be (6'5 at last check). The sun was blazing on the back deck so a lazy breakfast followed by a trip to the Bonsai Nursery for Dad Pressie from Mum and we had a fab Fathers Day with a Barby still left to go... We love you Mr.White xx


  1. Looks like an excellent one Tess.

    xo em

  2. What a lovely family day. Just like ours.

  3. I haven't "checked in" for a while with Down that little lane (I've been very slack with all my fave bloggy reading corners this week), but you guys look like you had a glorious day. Breakfast on the deck sounds like a fab way to start any day with this stunning weather. I'm loving your blog and know exactly what you mean by 'checking in' ; ) Have a great week. Alison x


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