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Invisible Ink

So here it is... I am a little bit fickle. In saying that it is in a pretty minor way and only really gives me grief, no one else. You see I am into good bods, not skinny but lean and healthy, muscular and strong..that sorta thing.

No its not Daniel Craig....that is MY boy xx

My husband is my James Bond, My Mc Dreamy and on a physical level not just the soul mate thing. We met at the gym which was a good place to meet given my fetish!! Sooo whilst in our early years back when we were 20 we never needed chat about what we expected of our bodies in the future when we came to marriage 5 years later I actually said to him "you know along with all my marriage promises I also want a clause that says if you get lazy and fat that I am allowed to go mental about it and let you have it". It was my sort of Invisible Ink Contract.

Back in '97

Well I didn't think that one through did I?!. Miss Fickle didn't put a sub clause that it doesn't go both ways OR that if I happened to fall pregnant one year and put on 20kgs (my kids were big) only to loose 15 of it just to fell pregnant with number 2 only 8 months later and then gain another 15 again..

I am not afraid of hard work that is for sure, checkout the pics and he has had his lulls from exercise too but I am continually thinking about that contract and the fact that if I expect him to keep himself looking hot for me that it is only fair I do the same. I don't really do make up as we have already discovered so my "thing" is keeping myself from having a saggy arse or muffin top... I beat myself up over it daily and I hate that I have such  a sweet tooth as clearly this is never good when trying to keep your diet in check!!

..I am so grateful that I wrote that contract in Invisible Ink... Maybe Marcus can't actually see it and hopefully he doesn't remember it !!. Did you write any invisible contracts in your younger years that you are now struggling to stick too?


  1. Its such a shame that you feel you have to "beat yourself up" over this daily! As I have grown older my body has also started to change but so have my priorities. Also as I have grown older my sense of self-confidence has grown as well so while I might have more curves, I still feel really good about how I look! I wish the same kind of confidence for you because life is too short to care about a few extra kilos which come and go depending on phase of life and circumstances anyway...
    Invisible Contracts? changes, people evolve, nothing is forever except a resolve to live life with joy and take each day as it comes! xx

  2. Hey Tessa I wonder if we have come across each other before. I too was a triathlete in a former life. Never an Ironman though *shudder* :)
    and I too have an invisible ink clause for my 6"6' hubby - I always tell him if he breaks 100kg that he is gone ;) lol

  3. I'm sure he doesn't remember because he loves you and knoes you will get back into training and what not when the kids are older and you have more time and energy to focus that way. Having young kids is it's own triathlon!

  4. Oh, look at you both with your hot bodies!!! Dont be too hard on yourself. Isn't it just awesome that you have kids that are healthy and amazing? Our bodies cop a lot of changes for the privilege of children, plus I'm sure you worked very hard to look like you did before!!! Anyhow.I think you STILL look amazing! X

  5. I am really enjoying reading your blog but truthfully, you're a bit scary!! Are you this judgemental and black and white with everyone or just yourself??? You need to be kinder to yourself and him lest something should actually happen that you physically cannot maintain your youthful physiques (ie accident, illness or something catastrophic).
    I'm glad you wrote it in invisible ink because you have the opportunity to ease up on yourself :))
    You are such a beautiful person is your husband but I'm sure you both see the beauty in each other now in things other than the many of which you write about on your lovely blog :))
    PS love how you're taking on anon on BabyMac's blog!!!!

  6. Yes, we can lament about how we were in our younger days or celebrate the bodies that have given life to wonderful children and are disease free. It would be nice to have the body I had 20 years ago but I certainly don't beat myself up about it. Be greatful about all the amazing things you can do with what you have! xx

  7. Dont be too hard on yourself!
    I love the photo of you together, gorgeous!

  8. Mmmm, so if you're Sporty Spice, I'm going to be Posh Spice. Although not sure we can be friends if you have a body like that!!


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