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Its good to evolve...change..mix it up..

Its good to do all those things in all areas of life, work, love, life and my favourite....homewares!!. Thing is that in some areas that comes for free but in my favourite one it will cost ya. Well not if you go to your charity shops. I pop in every week if I get the time as I am addicted to storage of every kind. Most of my things have a home even if they don't need one, just because it looks pretty.

Disclaimer* Fruit bowl not included in my haul....

Cookie Jar went straight behind the Tea 'n' Sugar but...
reminded me I didn't really like those caddys so quick change

Both basket and little wicker tray went for spice storage..
Tall Jar?...too tall so display it becomes

 cost - nothing (almost), happiness - priceless

My most recent haul... $11..God love you Vinnies. I give back all the books we buy for $2 that retailed at $15 or so and if something won't net me $5 or more on eBay it goes in the bag as do any of my clients damaged designer duds (I have given Dolce, Chanel and even Gucci..the person that came across them that can sew will have had the biggest smile for a month!!)

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  1. your pantry still amazes me. Seriously!

    xo em

  2. My mum has a thing for antique ceramic canisters :) At last count she had over 40! And I know, because I had to count them for her insurance schedule hahaha. I think canisters are a really great idea but with six people in our house we tend to go through food before it ever gets time to sit in the canister!

  3. Cute idea. You have the best pantry ever!


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