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Its like shopping for free.....

Seen as husby has had some time off I took him to my favourite Vinnys the other day... I know he always believes me when I come home with things and say it only cost me $2 but secretly I wonder if he thinks I'm sort of telling porkies..

I could almost enjoy being at the sink these days with my bits to look at

Anywho he came with and got to see my excitement as we walked it to find Bric a Brac on 50% off!!.. Bric a Brac is soooo MY section and it is cheap as chips normally so 50% off?!. I picked up a new Utensils Holder, Jam Pot and Cooks Nips for $5!!

Freaked one of my besties out when she came over as her Mum had the same one growing up..I secretly thought that was very cool as shows its true retro x

Marcus didn't like my old pen vase so voted for this as a new vessel!

He loves a good read and got his Robert Ludlums for $2 each which I will promptly return to the same shop once he is finished.. $39 vs $4.. now let me think?!. I had to hold him back from wandering off with a whole cupboard full of goodies for the bus. Luckily he saw a new trolley arriving with plenty more so was assured it was not a one off occasion to find such treasures.

How often do you go treasure hunting at your local Charity Shop?


  1. I love Vinnies...and the worst thing is when I swing by to donate..I always come home with bits and pieces in return..but as they say..someones trash is always someones treasure..and you've found yourself some good ones there! Cant say my sink area is always as tidy though...must be more diligent with putting those dishes away ; / tee hee hee x

  2. Not often enough, but I will from now on! I'm always dropping things off but forget about going in for a wander. Love your new little goodies, you've inspired me. alison x

  3. Cool finds - you got some treasures. Dare to share the secret location?


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