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My week in Instagram....

My kids cracked me up this week playing dress up.. Kitty was Buzz Matrix Sailor all blinged up and Harrington wanted Angel Wings over his Buzz Set!!

I am really getting into making train sets for the kids... its a challenge to see what you can make meet up with the track that you have.. I think I can , I think I can....

I got a fab gift box from 3 Hungry Monkeys and have decided they MUST be part of the jam.... EVER xx

Kitty got the corn starch my gift box was protected in and came in declaring she was Mater from Cars !!

Husbys veggie patch is coming good and delivering some fab produce..

Been spending some time training with Marcus whilst he is in between jobs, always followed by a coffee at our favourite place 

We went to Costco...OMG I need another Freezer and if you have a sweet tooth it is  a very dangerous place to visit

I went to the markets to get some Blossoms as they are my all time bestest flower choice....


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous. What a fab week. Loving your blossom's and all of those chocolates...yum!


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