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I am Grateful that I took some time away..

Your life can be as busy as you want it to be and everything is a choice, most things can wait and the only reason we think they can't is because we tell ourselves so... I am one of those people that when I have a to do list I can't rest until I have ploughed through it. It is so annoying, but it is me. 
So today I am grateful that my in laws arrived this week, they force we to take my work and at least do it in a more appealing location than my little desk at home.

We went to the The Boat House at Palm Beach....filled to the rafters with fresh produce, stunning blooms and even a few celebs. I soaked up some sun. I ate fabulous food and I was just grateful I had been dragged from the house..

Please do share the love on our little website, we need the support ;)

We are Open.....

So the website is finally open and we had 9 sales in our first hour which is fab, just thought I would talk you through what on earth I am doing with it...

So essentially we are an on-line multi store where sellers can host their own shop with no fees to join and no limitations on the quantity of items or how long they are available to the buyer etc. I have spent 2 years finding the less commercial and more bespoke products and services, so that I could create our site and have it become the best place to shop that you could ever wish to stop by ;) far we have 176 sellers and over 1540 products

Our point of difference from the other sites providing stores is that we are by invitation only. This means our focus is on quality not quantity with less searching through the not so impressive items, as every search will result in highlighting only the fab stuff ;)

Our mission statement is that " We aim to attract an elite community of fine product makers and suppliers and become the best on-line multi store in Australia"

Each seller gets their own unique URL that they can use to take people straight to their own store front and on that they can personalise it with slideshows, logos, profile pics and banter to make it custom suited to their style (as above)

THEN from the store front page you can click on view all sellers products and they have a store with as many pages or product as their heart desires, we have wish lists, wedding lists and you can sign in by all your social networking tools.

I think we have created a pretty special place to shop and hope you do too.. if you know any talented people that sell items you think would fit our profile.. send them over to so they can apply xx

So excited I may not sleep..

So I soft launched the website an hour or so ago and our gorgeous sellers have created 6 sales already...that's pretty cool... AND I have Timothy coming tomorrow AND I am expecting my fab in laws to walk through the door any second now... Oh what a night....I am flying xx


Oh and Thanks Emily.. the link is

Public Service for Mums with 3-6yr olds...

OMG can you please all go and buy Rio.. the Movie.. Animation with Birds and Carnivale in... you guessed it "Rio". I don't mind Cars or Toy Story or the likes but this I LOVE!!.

Voices of from Black Eyed and Jamie Fox by his side and samba and carnivale music is bloody brilliant..played it again and again and when Harrington wakes up and first thing says" Mummy? Bird?" I go A.O.K Honey Bun.... its just a joyful movie what can I say... 

Anyone else in love with Rio?

Blast away the cobwebs..

Nothing like a quick sprint across the water to make you feel 100% fabulous, OK so the hair is a bit knotty but I feel refreshed and had a fab lunch at The Quays with family and friends...Happy Days.. Hope you are all having a fab start to the week. I am feeling good about what this week brings as I have my in laws arriving and Timothy visiting!! xx

I am Grateful that I had it

 I am grateful I had time, assurance and undying support.... my website should have been live and selling product for a fortnight or so and well it isn't!. It is available for window shopping but no purchases as we are waiting on a code from Paypal to enable.... stuff. I need to find the silver lining as it has become a bit all consuming waiting for this confirmation (which will come without a doubt but when is the question). I am bored of waking up wondering if the magical email will be there or even checking my phone every 10 minutes throughout the day. SO thanks Maxabella for making my find a way to be grateful this week.
I am grateful we have had the time to perfect a whole host of little tit bits for sellers and buyers a like...the user experience is richer for it

I am grateful I have had the assurance from the PR and Media People I have been chatting to whilst "waiting" that we are on to a good thing, that they love the design, concept and our sellers so far. That as been a massive Tick.

I am grateful I have had the undying support of all those around me. My family, friends, our sellers and even my fellow bloggers (man you guys must be bored of me 'n' all my crap by now?!)

Every cloud does have a silver lining...sometimes it is just VERY hard to see ;)

Helplessness is so not my bag...

I am beyond frustrated tonight....its the eve of my B Day and I had planned to be having a little celebration of our website having been live for a fortnight or so... well I can view it, I can play on it, I can share on Facebook, Twitter and all sorts but can I bloody well buy anything?!... No I friggin' can't..Thank you Paypal (NOT!!). They said on the phone it will take a couple of days, they said in an e mail 10 days in general, they said max of 15 days....ahem it is 15 tomorrow!!.

It is worth waiting for as it is a little code for the payment system that means we won't have to invoice our sellers each month and our sellers won't ever owe us money and well that has to make us all happier as it means far less account keeping and that equals a few days a year returned to all our lives that we would have lost without it.

Ironically it is not so much the fact we will be launching later than planned, it is not the fact I am impatient as I am not that bad... it is just the fact I am helpless.. Nada, Niente, Nichts I can do about it....grrrr

Feel a bit like these fellas....

Wordless Wednesday.. Alfresco

Cheap 'n' Easy...

Back here I did a post about a fab kids rooms and in it was an awesome and easy idea I have been meaning to I did..

Far too much fun before bedtime had by all.... I used to love to build camps when I was a kid so it was all memories for you do anything with your littlies that reminds you of your wonder years?

And why not ?...

I just bought myself a birthday present... well husby approved it first and it just happens to time with his Mum n Dad coming but I am claiming at as my B Day Pressie from me to me....I am super excited as Timothy is coming to visit...

I can't remember who I first saw his pics of but loved them might have been Baby Macs, Beetleshacks, Jodis or Maxabella's, regardless they all rocked and all led me back to one person..

I think I made a rather excellent choice and am damn chuffed AND to top it all off I also got a wonderful e mail from a seller saying..

" i thought i would send you a little note and tell you something nice.
my husband walked past the other night when i was uploading to DTLL and said, wow, that looks so much more professional than etsy, your 'stuff' looks like it's in a professional shop.

i got over the fact he called my handmade goodies 'stuff' and agree, the site looks great"

That made me smile, quite a bit ;) Thank you Alex xx