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And why not ?...

I just bought myself a birthday present... well husby approved it first and it just happens to time with his Mum n Dad coming but I am claiming at as my B Day Pressie from me to me....I am super excited as Timothy is coming to visit...

I can't remember who I first saw his pics of but loved them might have been Baby Macs, Beetleshacks, Jodis or Maxabella's, regardless they all rocked and all led me back to one person..

I think I made a rather excellent choice and am damn chuffed AND to top it all off I also got a wonderful e mail from a seller saying..

" i thought i would send you a little note and tell you something nice.
my husband walked past the other night when i was uploading to DTLL and said, wow, that looks so much more professional than etsy, your 'stuff' looks like it's in a professional shop.

i got over the fact he called my handmade goodies 'stuff' and agree, the site looks great"

That made me smile, quite a bit ;) Thank you Alex xx


  1. Now that's a perfect present. You deserve it! A-M xx

  2. WWWWWWWWOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! can't wait to see you and your baben' family in Tim style!!!

    xo em

  3. Fabulous! Cannot wait to see the end exciting! And well done on the site...oF COURSE it's fabulous!

  4. I can't wait to see your site! And your choice of photographer is fantastic!

  5. You can see the site now you just can't buy from it until next week xx

  6. WONDERFUL birthday pressie, Tessa. You will absolutely love it. x


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