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Cheap 'n' Easy...

Back here I did a post about a fab kids rooms and in it was an awesome and easy idea I have been meaning to I did..

Far too much fun before bedtime had by all.... I used to love to build camps when I was a kid so it was all memories for you do anything with your littlies that reminds you of your wonder years?


  1. Waaaaay too cute for just love little hiding places...oh what fun they must have had ; )

  2. SO MUCH FUN!!
    What a creative idea for your lovely little ones! (Look at those big smiles!)

  3. Always building cubby houses in our home. My little one and her cousins transform her room into one big tent! Don't you just love imagination. Mimi xx

  4. Hey, this is such a great idea! My kids want to go camping but I never seem to find the right time so this will be my camping for now! Thank you for this lovely idea! Have a nice day!


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