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Fighting Spirit....

As I journey on with this website I am discovering all sorts of new dimensions to myself. It is the strangest thing.

I am incredibly forthright with my thoughts on most subjects that have no major importance, you know the stuff we Mums chat about to do with the kids or men..that sort of stuff. HOWEVER when it comes to being forthright with discussing things with my fabulous web boys I hesitate that I may offend.. (don't worry I bottled the fear and got my point across in the end)

I have been a seriously competitive person all my life, ok it has mainly centered around sports but I have never feared a good race and always had the attitude "bring it on" . NOW when I see any form of on line possible competition I come over all uneasy and start to doubt what we are creating.. Is that just because there has been a rather large financial investment?.. I have never feared being penniless so why now?

The last one that has REALLY shocked me is that after a lifetime of modelling, merrily taking on rejection and having no issues with criticism, even when straight to my face and essentially saying my arse was too big or I might as well be a plus size model ( I weighed about 60kg and am 1.75m tall?!) that now, if I receive just the mildest criticism of the site I am cut to the core as if someone just told me my first born was a gremlin. 

Where has my fighting spirit gone?... Well I will tell you what, after feeling like that this morning and having had a meeting with the web boys about all our "Stage 2 Developments" and now putting it down on paper , so as to speak... I am back ... Fighting Spirit returned and I am well aware I was being a complete idiot.

Rant over for today.... normal blogging status will resume at some stage next week I am sure but there may be  a few more of these in between, Soz!!


  1. Keep going gal - you're doing awesome. Every work of art has that halfway point where you have to push it over the top of the hill before it rolls down the other side to success.

  2. You'll get there in the end, everything just seems to go into hyper sensitivity mode when your incredibly stressed. I for one am looking forward to the launch of your site and hopefully partaking in it, so keep up the fabulous work your doing!

  3. I'm sure any successful entrepreneur would admit to some self-doubt....even if only a smidgeon of it! You are a brave, amazing woman....kick those boys up the butt!!
    PS I can't seem to leave a comment with my blogger id...but it's Lib @ KATCapers :)

  4. Don't worry I do the exact same thing. Whenever I start something new, I want to be assured that I am the pioneer - the only one who thought of it, the only one who really gets it, the only one who can make a success of it, and then if I get a hint that someone else is snapping at my heals or find somebody else you has made a half decent attempt, I go into a panic and suddenly doubt my resolve and have to resist the urge to run for cover in defeat. Luckily there is room for everybody, and nobody can do anything the way you can, with your skill, experience, expertise or vision. So go forth my girl and create your masterpiece. You will triumph!


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