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Helplessness is so not my bag...

I am beyond frustrated tonight....its the eve of my B Day and I had planned to be having a little celebration of our website having been live for a fortnight or so... well I can view it, I can play on it, I can share on Facebook, Twitter and all sorts but can I bloody well buy anything?!... No I friggin' can't..Thank you Paypal (NOT!!). They said on the phone it will take a couple of days, they said in an e mail 10 days in general, they said max of 15 days....ahem it is 15 tomorrow!!.

It is worth waiting for as it is a little code for the payment system that means we won't have to invoice our sellers each month and our sellers won't ever owe us money and well that has to make us all happier as it means far less account keeping and that equals a few days a year returned to all our lives that we would have lost without it.

Ironically it is not so much the fact we will be launching later than planned, it is not the fact I am impatient as I am not that bad... it is just the fact I am helpless.. Nada, Niente, Nichts I can do about it....grrrr

Feel a bit like these fellas....


  1. lol loved reading that post!.. I'm frustrated too as i wanted to buy your birthday present from your site and have it delivered on your birthday.. seems you will now have a late gift too... ;) xxx

  2. How frustrating! I hope you can enjoy your birthday and not be too stressed out by the helplessness.

  3. Oh no! How annoying! I really hope your birthday brings so Paypal cooperation :)

    Abbey x

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your special day and year ahead! Sorry to hear about Paypal, I know how frustrating it is.
    Mimi xx

  5. happiest day to you...and can't wait to see what your shoppe offers! x

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GORGEOUS GAL!! Deep breath now...all will be well...I can certainly understand the frustration..grrr...but don't let it spoil your birthday..ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day shared with your beautiful family.

    Anna x

  7. OH, happy birthday eve anyway, Tessa. I'm gutted that your shop isn't full steam ahead.

    I've been off the blogs and I MISSED YOUR OPENING! Slap! I'm going right now, I promise. x

  8. Poor thing must be driving you made, hopefully you'll hear something positive soon. Belated Happy Birthday - hope we can toast with a bottle of something bubbly soon.


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