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I am Grateful that I had it

 I am grateful I had time, assurance and undying support.... my website should have been live and selling product for a fortnight or so and well it isn't!. It is available for window shopping but no purchases as we are waiting on a code from Paypal to enable.... stuff. I need to find the silver lining as it has become a bit all consuming waiting for this confirmation (which will come without a doubt but when is the question). I am bored of waking up wondering if the magical email will be there or even checking my phone every 10 minutes throughout the day. SO thanks Maxabella for making my find a way to be grateful this week.
I am grateful we have had the time to perfect a whole host of little tit bits for sellers and buyers a like...the user experience is richer for it

I am grateful I have had the assurance from the PR and Media People I have been chatting to whilst "waiting" that we are on to a good thing, that they love the design, concept and our sellers so far. That as been a massive Tick.

I am grateful I have had the undying support of all those around me. My family, friends, our sellers and even my fellow bloggers (man you guys must be bored of me 'n' all my crap by now?!)

Every cloud does have a silver lining...sometimes it is just VERY hard to see ;)


  1. So true, i have been looking for my silver lining the last few days. It was hidden, very well! Love the Eeyore words, so wise. Happy weekend

  2. Good on you sweetheart..for looking for the good in a bad situation. I have always loved the quote.."Sometimes it is in the darkest of nights..that the brightest of stars shine. So glad that all the support has been little little beacons of light for keep your light and hope shining inside too.

    Have a wonderful weekend sweety x

  3. Love the Eeyore words, next week will be a wonderful week for you! Mimi xx

  4. Oh I love little Eeyore! I'm sure the silver lining is just around the corner :)

  5. It's so close now, Tessa. Just relax about it all. You can't change what you can't change. x

  6. Sounds like you've got a very exciting new adventure up ahead. Hard to be patient but relax and enjoy that silver lining and the absence of earthquakes :)

  7. Hang in there, it's going to be worth the wait!

  8. Betty Harrington22 October 2011 at 17:50

    and ironically enough you were quite an Eeyore fan when you were a tot.
    Paypal will get their act together very soooooon, relax you'll get there xx

  9. Sounds like a great adventure is ahead for you. It's hard when there is a vision and excitement and technical issues get in the way.


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