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Should I bother?

I am not sure if you are supposed to bother doing a post when you are so tired you can't think straight and have done so much typing in the past few days that your fingers now go so fast you constantly make spelling mistakes.. I think I might make a good secretary or PA by the time this website is open to the public.

The timing seems to have been perfect in that hubby had a job, left it , got offered another, took it, decided it really wasn't going to be what he wanted and quit it before starting only to interview for a job he did want that doesn't want him for another 3 weeks... Thank the Lord because I didn't think the I would be quite as busy as I am and essentially a completely useless waste of space as far as my kids are concerned or my house for that matter. Husby has been Mr Mop, Daddy Day Care, Good Cop, Bad Cop...... and of course Superdad!

Not sure what I will do when he does go back to work but we will have been open to buyers for a couple of weeks by then so hopefully I will have it all smooth as silk (ba ha ha). I had  a dream the other night that our first piece of press was about me and what a crap Mum I was because I had decided to take on this huge task and I was being selfish.... Kitty did ask last night " Mummy why are you at the computer on your work all day and never leave?".... she thinks my work is writing a story and that soon it will be done.... Little does she know this is just the first friggin' chapter..

The other classic was this morning when Dad frocked up and put his suit on for a quick meeting " Mummy why does Daddy have a suit on?"... I said "You know Daddy wears a suit to work sweetie"... " Yes but that was last year". I roared with laughter, its been a while but not a year ;).. Out of the mouths of babes.

So that's me... see I was right, not sure I should have bothered but ho hum.. See ya xx


  1. Sounds busy! Best of luck with it all :)

    Abbey x

  2. crack up...Your not have a dream..a dream that will hopefully open more doors to bigger dreams for you and your family...things will calm down soon and you will be able to get a good grip on balancing all aspects of being a mummy and running a business,
    All will be well sweetie...keep soldiering on ; ) x

  3. aren't all mums tired and we blog for our own selfish happiness??? um... i don't see a problem here..

  4. Not selfish it's the pursuit of a dream.

  5. Betty A Harrington11 October 2011 at 06:31

    Told you Kitty would pull you up if she thought things were not quite as usual....just love the "last year" since daddy wore a suit,perhaps he was in a time warp. You will get there babes you'll see xx

  6. life sometimes give us such treats of though moments. Better not bother too much and try to enjoy everything else that can make you smile!

  7. Thats funny, and very same same to my Master 4 lately, thanks for the invite to the shop, I would be interested in some more info. Give your self a pat on the back for taking a risk and doin it and remind those little angels that one day they will get the royalties.
    Regards Vicky


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