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It is nearly the end...

....of your Uberkate Giveaway on the website.... not my life.. I am not THAT dramatic. You have until tomorrow morning to win this beauty

Get on over there... ;)

Shooting, Editing and Controlling My Kids

I am being tested beyond all measures at the moment.. my work is monumental, I love to exercise to keep my head straight but it makes me tired and cranky with the kids, I moan that our top selling store on the site has sooo much stock (as I have to photograph it all) but yet that is why she is sooo fab AND lastly my kids are being super, super OCD with absolutely everything.... it all has to be just so.. I wonder where they get that from? Far out it is like listening to me AND looking in a mirror!

So what did I do yesterday? I went to the gym dropped kids in Junior Care, went for a run  and stopped a few times to answer e mails (annoying bing that interrupts your music). After that went to One French Summer, shot some fab stuff whilst my kids deconstructed her whole shop and ate half her Jaffas for display!!..

Madness but what doesn't kill you make you stronger hey? Bring it on King Kong I say!!

Photographing Stock

Kitty deconstructing... OMG, Jen is a saint..

The Jaffa Jar.... Yummo

Me n my boy...
What you been up to this week? Any fab Christmas presents you have bought on line.. do share? xx

Friday Flowers

I had to share some of the installments that one of our talented sellers Lord Butler had done... Lord Butler has been very lucky to work with some amazingly creative people in Melbourne who share the same passion for our environment as they do and are actively working on healing our planet and ourselves.

This latest installation was at a raw food event held at HQ in Richmond, an amazing photographer, Natasha Blankfield's studio who is not only a gifted photographer (her work can be seen hanging in the background) but she is also a wonderful jazz singer with a passion for our environment and a collector of gorgeous things - sounds pretty special !!!

PS; the flowers seen here are all chemical free and rain water was used in all the arrangements : ). If you are a Melbourne peep you can be lucky enough to order flowers from this wonderful florist here... Joo Lee has arrangements to suit all budgets on our site and her designs are just divine xx

Wordless Wednesday.. Tim 'n' Us

Santa Please don't just deliver potatoes...

So I heard that Santa Delivers potatoes in place of gifts for some naughty kids.. well seen as my daughter as decided to loose all her manners of late, torment her brother daily resulting in those mind blowing screeches and squeals that truly drive you up the flippin' wall AND just be quite stubborn and generally not the child I would choose to raise I am thinking she needs to beg Santa not to just deliver potatoes to her Santa Sack..

Between Auspost and Tiny & Little's Fab Downloadable letters I think I might just enjoy the process and she will get a response too.. Go here to download the fab letter design above THEN you need to refer to this for the correct address or just copy the picks below..

Seems simple and fun to me and here is hoping this truly is just a phase.. she is 4.5 years... anyone remember a severe relapse in behaviour that had you thinking about eBaying them or just locking them in a bedroom and walking away?.. don't call DOCS.. I would never do either...just a thought ;)

And the Winner is....

The winner of Sara the Ballerina is Claire Lewis who tagged herself on our Down that Little Lane Facebook Page. Congratulations  and if you message me your postal address I can have her off to you in a jiffy

Now if you are a Giveaway Junkie you just have to get in on the action on our website. We are giving away an Uberkate Necklace worth $565 to one of our registered customers. That's it.. all you have to do is register to have a buyers account on DTLL and you might have one of these for Christmas. Just hit the photo below to go straight to the registration xx

I am just Grateful...

I am grateful for so much this week... My life has done a full 360 and I am working harder than I ever have done but could not be more thrilled.

I am grateful for the 3 C's Choice, Chance, Change I have embraced them and am seeing the last..

I am grateful I have made just a few choice best friends since arriving here 11 years ago.... they make my life complete and they know who they are ;)

I am grateful that after years of this I yesterday got to enter a magazine house via the service entrance and dressed in my trackie dacks with no make up on and had a flirt with lovely lad in the postage department instead of trying to flutter my eyelids at the editor without looking too obvious!!

I could moan about lots, as I am sure we all could but Maxabella I love that you make me sit back and take the time to be grateful. It is something we could all try  a bit harder to do... and now I am off to the beach to enjoy a bit of this...

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

I delivered our first set of products from the website to Shop 4 Kids today to be used in their next issue...

It was pretty exciting for me as I have been modeling all my life so every time I go to a magazine house I am dressed casually but well turned out with make up to make me look like I am wearing no make up.. complicated huh?!. Well today I had no make up and was in trackies and a T.. bliss...with a capital B!

We had a collection of sellers and I wrapped it up in a Down that Little Lane Style and off I went.... OK not that exciting but thought I would share ;)

What do you think?.. can you see my little stamp I had handmade in the top corner? cute huh? xx

Babies and Beyond...

So it started with our babies, that was when we really bonded and it has a long way to go but today it was all about one of my besties Kim and her Big 40 (no she doesn't feel or look any different but its  a good excuse for a lunch and a party next week). I wrapped her pressie and wrote the card from here from the 5 of us girlies that put in for her pressie.. Cute or what?

We went for lunch at Hugos in Manly and she got to unwrap her pressie, I was so excited as I know she has wanted a set of these for a while.. Our card told her how much we loved her and hoped we would be close to her heart forever (literally). Well now we will as she has her own set of Uberovals from Uberkate

She smiled, we ate pizza and had a glass of bubbles... it was lush. No pudding for us but a quick exit and pop across to Max Brenners for Coffee and a Cuppa.

So my gorgeous girl, Happy 40th Birthday, Love you loads and look forward to sharing the 50th, 60th, and 70th with you. Here is to our eyes getting saggy from to much exercise just because we have to so we can keep eating the way we do. Here is to watching all our kids wander off to school in uniforms one size too big 'cos we are mean like that and here is to you being just you. Monique, Genevieve, Tracy and Debbie this post is for you too so you can see your gift!!.

For those of you who are now jealous you don't have any Uber in your collection like me n my girl get over to here and register on the site to win your own!!