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Babies and Beyond...

So it started with our babies, that was when we really bonded and it has a long way to go but today it was all about one of my besties Kim and her Big 40 (no she doesn't feel or look any different but its  a good excuse for a lunch and a party next week). I wrapped her pressie and wrote the card from here from the 5 of us girlies that put in for her pressie.. Cute or what?

We went for lunch at Hugos in Manly and she got to unwrap her pressie, I was so excited as I know she has wanted a set of these for a while.. Our card told her how much we loved her and hoped we would be close to her heart forever (literally). Well now we will as she has her own set of Uberovals from Uberkate

She smiled, we ate pizza and had a glass of bubbles... it was lush. No pudding for us but a quick exit and pop across to Max Brenners for Coffee and a Cuppa.

So my gorgeous girl, Happy 40th Birthday, Love you loads and look forward to sharing the 50th, 60th, and 70th with you. Here is to our eyes getting saggy from to much exercise just because we have to so we can keep eating the way we do. Here is to watching all our kids wander off to school in uniforms one size too big 'cos we are mean like that and here is to you being just you. Monique, Genevieve, Tracy and Debbie this post is for you too so you can see your gift!!.

For those of you who are now jealous you don't have any Uber in your collection like me n my girl get over to here and register on the site to win your own!!


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