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Friday Flowers

I had to share some of the installments that one of our talented sellers Lord Butler had done... Lord Butler has been very lucky to work with some amazingly creative people in Melbourne who share the same passion for our environment as they do and are actively working on healing our planet and ourselves.

This latest installation was at a raw food event held at HQ in Richmond, an amazing photographer, Natasha Blankfield's studio who is not only a gifted photographer (her work can be seen hanging in the background) but she is also a wonderful jazz singer with a passion for our environment and a collector of gorgeous things - sounds pretty special !!!

PS; the flowers seen here are all chemical free and rain water was used in all the arrangements : ). If you are a Melbourne peep you can be lucky enough to order flowers from this wonderful florist here... Joo Lee has arrangements to suit all budgets on our site and her designs are just divine xx


  1. Oh i love the rain water additional information. We have PLENTY of rain water here now in Canberra, it's filling up all my pots nicely. Just adoring cut flowers at this time of the year, i'm getting such inexpensive surprise bunches at the markets, love Posie

  2. It really looks beautiful! I love them and it is so lovely that he doesn't use any chemicals but tell me how do you collect the rain water, I have never tried this before? London


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