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Happy 1000 Giveaway

So yesterday we reached 1000 likers on our Facebook Page and as I had promised I launched the Giveaway for Sara the Ballerina a gorgeous crochet monkey that was bought by me from the first seller to ever sign up for Down that Little Lane

So here she is, pretty cute huh? so if you want to enter simply do the following ;

1. Leave me a comment saying what you would best spend $25 on (yes that is all Sara costs)

2.Become a follower of Down that Little Lane via Google Friend Connect

3. 'like' Down that Little Lane on Facebook

Do this for ONE entry

For another entry:

 Write your own post about this giveaway, twitter, tweet, facebook it..whatever you like best leaving me a comment (for each) telling me that you have AND if you have done Part 2 and liked us on FB then you will be able to tag yourself in one of the Pics of Sara in the Giveaways album for another chance xx


  1. $25 can actually stretch along way for me, so I dare say I would treat my two kids to a special little toy each, as a reward for being good. Seeing the joy it brings them puts a smile on my face every time :)

  2. Sweet little monkey!

    I'm trying to make all my own presents this Christmas, so $25 could be the cost of having an artwork framed, or a photo printed...

  3. I would buy a few books at QBD with $25

  4. I usually can't resist a decorative item and I would probably get one for the girls room and for $25 I adore the "it's all about the name print" from Lorenzo's Playground, I think it would be such a lovely print to hang in the one of the girls rooms. I also can only imagine all the time and effort put into this adorable monkey, my bubba would give her such big cuddles!

  5. Oh meant to say I am a liker on FB and a follower via GFC. I came looking for your pinterest party but can't see one at the moment.


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