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I am just Grateful...

I am grateful for so much this week... My life has done a full 360 and I am working harder than I ever have done but could not be more thrilled.

I am grateful for the 3 C's Choice, Chance, Change I have embraced them and am seeing the last..

I am grateful I have made just a few choice best friends since arriving here 11 years ago.... they make my life complete and they know who they are ;)

I am grateful that after years of this I yesterday got to enter a magazine house via the service entrance and dressed in my trackie dacks with no make up on and had a flirt with lovely lad in the postage department instead of trying to flutter my eyelids at the editor without looking too obvious!!

I could moan about lots, as I am sure we all could but Maxabella I love that you make me sit back and take the time to be grateful. It is something we could all try  a bit harder to do... and now I am off to the beach to enjoy a bit of this...


  1. Just beautiful ...

    You're doing an amazing job, & I'm sure your amazing family is backing you every step of the way!


  2. Fantastic post. Just beautiful.x


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