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I see the light....

I don't really like posting when I am not having the best time but today I turned a corner.. I have had hubby home the past 2.5 months and that came at a busy time for the website so it was like destiny that it shaped up that way. 

He went back to work last week just as his parents arrived with his youngest brother to stay. They are easy guests and I loved having them but it is hard to work whilst host and be Mum and housewife all in one go... well this week I went back to flying solo and yesterday was very tough. Today however I had two of my best girlies around to visit.. one between 9.30 - 11.30 the other 2.30 - 415. It was perfect, our kids played (and fought) and I actually chatted and had a coffee. In between I fed the kids and they watched some TV whilst I worked a bit. OK so the house STILL needs some more cleaning, the laundry STILL has about 3 more loads to do and I STILL haven't done dinner but I managed and all in all it was a good day. Today I learnt I CAN do it all and I CAN enjoy it too.
Tomorrow I am doing a shoot for Tourism Australia (back to my old job, modelling) and I am pretty chuffed to be doing it as I am of course a Brit who is now an Australian Citizen so will be cool to see myself in print advertising this cool country I now call home.

OK off to cook dinner and wait for hubby to get home as Harrington is refusing to go to bed until he has seen him. I think it is because last night Dad crawled into bed with him and they fell asleep together, actual fact I think young Master has fallen asleep on the couch waiting as it is ever so quiet behind me (will check)....yep....

 Oh and maybe the fact we now have 200 sellers and a ridiculous amount of products on the site may have had a little to do with my brightened spirits


  1. Just gorgeous! Kids are cute when they want to wait up for Dad - especially like this pic (falling asleep in the process).

    Lovely blog, just lovely.

    Lou ; )

  2. awwwwwwww... that is so lovely.

    My little man is fast asleep next to me, as I am unwell, and it was easier to put him into bed with me... so I'm sleeping next to him and ten stuffed animals...

    Great news about the "shop"

    Have fun at the shoot your gorgeous woman.


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