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The Land Down Under....

I went back to my other job yesterday and was doing a print ad... We shot it on Bennelong Lawn up on Bennelong Point. Talk about "Welcome to Australia" stunning?!

They heat was excrutiating (we were not anywhere near shade) and I was dressed in green silk which had me trying to ensure I stood tall and had boobs bigger than my belly all day, just so the dribbles or should I say beads of perspiration waterfalls of sweat did not show through. Oh and not to mention being on lawn in sky high stilettos so having to be on tip toes all day... Oh the glamorous life of a model.. I personally think I looked like something off Wisteria Lane.

The clients seemed to like the look..not my bag but not my ad either and I'd still want to drop in at that location, desperate housewife in the foreground or not!! What do you think?.. Not of me.. of the location xx


  1. I was wondering what all those shots were on Instragram yesterday - looked amazing. What a location - imagine if that was your front lawn!!

  2. Love the ad and the photo of you. Mimi xx

  3. Looks amazing...and the location is one of my fave spots in Sydney. K xx

  4. WOW amazing pics, love! The breadfruit (?) looks wonderful too.

  5. Looks amazing - what a location. Great wedding venue. Stunning flowers, and not bad for a chick who hates makeup!


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