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Online Love....

So today is the first day in a while I am on top of things... oh the to do list is still endless but I am in control... in laws are here and my youngest bro in law arrives tonight (there are 5)... there they are with Dad who is already here... My boy is in pink and the mullet on the end (that no longer exists) arrives tonight... I can't wait as it has been since this pic that I last saw him and my H was only 7 months old then (he is nearly 3 now)

So back to my on line loving.... as I finally have some time for a little blog hopping and other adventures I just got around to reading Adore with its fab NY issue (and our ad) and am now off to read Tickle the Imagination that came out today, how cute is that cover!


  1. Wow, they are a handsome bunch aren't they!!! No wonder you're a kick-ass lady with all that testosterone flying about growing up!!!
    Website looks great...will be perusing for some christmas shopping shortly :)

  2. Oh handsome family!! This is why i love that i have lots of children - lots of grown up children all great mates!! There are a whole lot of boys for you to manage here, good luck!! Just keep feeding them. Love Posie

  3. Thanks for introducing me to the lovely Tickle the Imagination - love any kind of gorgeous Christmas craft.


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