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Santa Please don't just deliver potatoes...

So I heard that Santa Delivers potatoes in place of gifts for some naughty kids.. well seen as my daughter as decided to loose all her manners of late, torment her brother daily resulting in those mind blowing screeches and squeals that truly drive you up the flippin' wall AND just be quite stubborn and generally not the child I would choose to raise I am thinking she needs to beg Santa not to just deliver potatoes to her Santa Sack..

Between Auspost and Tiny & Little's Fab Downloadable letters I think I might just enjoy the process and she will get a response too.. Go here to download the fab letter design above THEN you need to refer to this for the correct address or just copy the picks below..

Seems simple and fun to me and here is hoping this truly is just a phase.. she is 4.5 years... anyone remember a severe relapse in behaviour that had you thinking about eBaying them or just locking them in a bedroom and walking away?.. don't call DOCS.. I would never do either...just a thought ;)


  1. hahaha...a fab idea...Yup...Jacq is 3 and going through a similar stage where everything is No..I don't like it..No I don't want to...or I want, I want, I want..without the please and thank you's ..and the constant not sharing with friends is enough to make you want to put a bullet to your head.
    If only he was old enough to read ..then I would be sending that letter!

    Hope it works for you lovely ; ) or you might have to find 101 ways to cook potatoes ; )

  2. Ha Ha! Love this post! I have no advice, my girls relapsed into the terrible two's at eight, twelve, sixteen and have their odd days now in their twenties! Maybe pop them into the santa sack for a year of sanity?
    x KL

  3. lovely idea - ha - potatoes... that will freak my kids out! they've been talking about Xmas since October! We burn our letters and Santa 'reads' the smoke... just so long as mum or dad are there to supervise the 'burning' and check the note first...

    all kids play up... be thankful you're not homeschooling like me... then you would choke them ;-) also kidding... sort of. ;-)

  4. I grew up thinking Santa delivers coal, not potatoes, to naughty children... so if the behaviour doesn't improve, you could pull that one out to escalate the threat!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

    p.s. I'm running a giveaway I think you'd really like - it's the chance to win all kinds of mason jars and lovely retro kitchen goodies... and it closes this Friday!


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