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Shooting, Editing and Controlling My Kids

I am being tested beyond all measures at the moment.. my work is monumental, I love to exercise to keep my head straight but it makes me tired and cranky with the kids, I moan that our top selling store on the site has sooo much stock (as I have to photograph it all) but yet that is why she is sooo fab AND lastly my kids are being super, super OCD with absolutely everything.... it all has to be just so.. I wonder where they get that from? Far out it is like listening to me AND looking in a mirror!

So what did I do yesterday? I went to the gym dropped kids in Junior Care, went for a run  and stopped a few times to answer e mails (annoying bing that interrupts your music). After that went to One French Summer, shot some fab stuff whilst my kids deconstructed her whole shop and ate half her Jaffas for display!!..

Madness but what doesn't kill you make you stronger hey? Bring it on King Kong I say!!

Photographing Stock

Kitty deconstructing... OMG, Jen is a saint..

The Jaffa Jar.... Yummo

Me n my boy...
What you been up to this week? Any fab Christmas presents you have bought on line.. do share? xx


  1. You've got such a lot on! Just go gently. x

  2. Sounds little K & H have figured out there's a new 'baby' in mummy's life!!!! I'm with Bron - go gently or rue the consequences :)


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