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Signed, Sealed and Delivered

I delivered our first set of products from the website to Shop 4 Kids today to be used in their next issue...

It was pretty exciting for me as I have been modeling all my life so every time I go to a magazine house I am dressed casually but well turned out with make up to make me look like I am wearing no make up.. complicated huh?!. Well today I had no make up and was in trackies and a T.. bliss...with a capital B!

We had a collection of sellers and I wrapped it up in a Down that Little Lane Style and off I went.... OK not that exciting but thought I would share ;)

What do you think?.. can you see my little stamp I had handmade in the top corner? cute huh? xx

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  1. Oh I just love everything in the parcel and the parcel itself! So gorgeous I would be sad to open it! but excited too! How exciting to have them in Shop4Kids! Congrats!


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