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Social Networking is anything but.....

Really isn't it?.. maybe it is because it used to be just me and my life on Facebook and now I have The DTLL Facebook Page and a Twitter feed to keep up with and then of course chatting to you guys (but this never feels like a chore..not since I stopped making myself blog daily..wise decision).

I was finding I was always flicking on the computer to see if anything new was happening and same on my blasted iPhone which is ever handy as a waste of time!!. Well on husbands commands I am putting the kids in an extra day at daycare so I can get more work done but know that I really can leave it at the door on Monday (at least until the evening) and the same on Thursday during the week and have that time for the kids. Hoping 3 solid days will leave me less to do on the weekend too. I am getting mother guilts about it but they will love it and this week just gone I actually just used my iPhone for pictures whilst we were out enjoying the sun... Hip Hip Hooray..

We picked flowers and did some daredevil scootering in the park....

Crashed one of my besties Mothers Group where yes they were having a party.. she is 40 tmz (we are out for lunch and I will be showing you her pressie for sure) kids don't usually wear party hats to the beach.

Are you finding FB etc messes with your social skills? do you log on instead of sitting down with a cuppa and a book?


  1. Yes I hear you! It can become a bad habit can't it.
    I've found having Will at daycare 3days has been great (for both of us) as our days together are (almost) completely work free and the mother guilt has eased. You are doing a fantastic job with DTLL Tessa and in a few months it will all start running like clockwork and wont feel so frenetic.
    BTW, I see you were enjoying our fav beach in Syd :) Kid heaven.

  2. Absolutely - can't remember the last time I read a book or went to bed before midnight - even on a Saturday night I am still here! 3 days day care for my Indi as well and it makes a huge difference - have gotten over the mother guilt as if I didn't I would never get to bed at all. Leanne x

  3. TOTALLY. It's slowly killing me. What I would give to get back into reading. I think I need to slow down on the blogging too - a little break over Christmas me thinks...

  4. The juggling never stops I'm afraid! A woman's work is never done.

  5. I was only thinking the other day what I did with my spare time before facebook and blogging etc.. Facebook wastes soooooooo much of my time, it is actually annoying. I should try and go a month without it...or maybe a week...or should I just try and start with one day???

  6. I slowed right down about 2 months ago and I feel good. x


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