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The Three C's...

The 3 C's of life...Choice, Chance, Change.. You must make the Choice to take the Chance if u want anything to Change... Hmmm!!!! I like it  a lot and I would have to say I agree but how many of us do?

One response is
"Surely the three C's are Curry, Chocolate and Cab Sav" well I am sure we can come up with a whole host more C's but I do like the former the most. Well I made the Choice and have taken a major far the change is very hard work but I am 100% that is all for the greater good.
The other saying I heard this week was " Be the person your dog thinks you are"... 
Which one will you try this week?


  1. Gorgeous! I think the biggest challenge is the CHANCE. But I'm so proud of you taking the chance on your new business. I did a few plugs for it on Facebook, hope it helps. (It's the little things!)


  2. New business is hard work but rewarding and you will do really well. I love the saying " Be the person your dog thinks your are", I think more people need to be. Have a lovely day! Mimi xx


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