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A Very Special Recipe

Yesterday I spent that day creating the most most ridiculous recipe.. it involves putting my two little people in the same room to share and hoping they don't split, as it were... the recipe I am pleased to say has turned out to be the most delicious slice of heaven cake I could imagine. They are bonding at a new level and it is some kind of wonderful..

It came with other challenges... how to create a room that suits both of my rugrats?!.. well here is my shot at it... a work in progress but am happy so far...

The Playroom (AKA Kitty's Room) is a work in progress and I will show you that next week as no doubt I will have it done by then, just needs a re paint (currently a gorgeous eeni meeni paris pink, I will shed tears loosing that colour) and am flogging a few bits on eBay to be able to pick up a few vintage signs and lil' chairs for decor.

Right off to move those bottom two frames.... anyone else have boys n girls sharing? does it work long term, we think they will bond better.. fingers crossed!!

The Wooden Chalice...

Can't say that was what I thought the minute I saw it, more like raised mini fruit basket in yummy wood but that just shows the different ways me and my husband view things ;). Perfect for condiments by my cook top I thought.. Whadaya reckon?. I won't be offended as just a Vinnies purchase like these so no serious cash spent...

Merry Christmas

Its about the words

I find words so emotive, I am a sucker for a good description (ask our sellers..this seller rocks my world). I have been having a tough run past month, struggling to keep up with work, kids, household chores and then find some time for me and my love of exercise.. anywho yesterday I got this in the post

The tonic will help I have no doubt and am so thankful Kirsty sent it. I love the packaging just as much as the idea but the bestest bit was the instructions.. the wording is perfect and had me sold before I even took a drop.

New Leaf

The remedy for the times when your Heart makes promises that your Mind can’t keep! 

Most of us instinctively know when it’s time to turn over a new leaf… we just don't know how to do it without shaking the whole tree!

Think of this remedy as a ‘ladder’ that lets you climb to new heights…one leaf at a time… with grace, calm, and dignity to make the change you have been longing for.

(it tells you what is in it with the reasons behind their content but I won't share their secrets there) then says..

Aim: To be free of limiting influences; to focus on the present; energy and enthusiasm for change; a quiet calm mind; joy in life

Not only that…once those new leaves have appeared, it will help anchor the resolve to keep them coming. Viva la resolution!

Doesn't reading that just lift your spirits and bring positive thoughts? xx

Wordless Wednesday.. Visualising

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Teachers Pet

Not something I have ever been called nor am I likely to hear my kids called but that is fine, we are all just rather individual, no sorry, unique and spirited, oh o.k, mildly challenging and pretty stubborn.

Childcare Pick Up..normal attire xx

It is that time of year and as my kids attend childcare a couple of times a week (thank the lord) it is time to tell the teachers how much we think they are fab!. My kids go to a little Kindy back where we used to live and the area is pretty upmarket wealthy so it the true spirit of not keeping up with the Jones's we decided to get some tins and toffees and make some mess to present to them today.

The kids coloured, stamped, glued and filled the tins (stealing a few toffees on the way, told you, no teachers pet there!!). I had to try and relax and let them choose some of the horrendous colour matches for tags and not shout when things were not centrally stuck or stamped and I am glad I did. We added little apothecary bottles with Sweet Basil seeds in to plant in the tin after the toffees are gone. They look like they were made by the kids and that means more than a $50 of wine from some Mum that couldn't care if you loved thier kid or not.. doesn't it? (I am actually rather liking the wine idea but only if it was coming my way!!)

Hero and Love for them, both to me....

I am missing my husband.. he has a new job and leaves the house near to 7am to return a whole 12 hours later just in time to see the kids before bed. He is worn out and tired and I had got very used to his time off . It was bliss when I could shop without the kids, someone else helped keep on top of laundry and even had someone else cooking a few meals.  

He is just that to my kids and both to me.

He is more patient than me and he is my balance so I am feeling a little like I am tipping over the edge.. "Any man can be a Father it takes someone special to be  a Dad". My hubby is just that. I guess I am just saying don't take it for granted your time with your guy and make the best of what you have. I have a incredible new respect for single Mums as I am really doing the lions share at the mo and they do EVERYTHING!!...

Oh sooki la la moment over.. I will get back to work and look forward to the Chrissy Break (even if he says he still has to go to work then too). What you guys planning? I am going to go to the Fish Markets and buy my body weight in Sashimi xx

Mess that Matters

On the days I don't have the kids I rush around doing endless chores or plonk myself at the computer and don't leave until pick up.. sad I know but I like my work so can't complain... I miss them when they are gone because despite my rants I do love them rather a lot!!.. when I went out in the garden to get some veggies today I realised how much I like their mess. 

The abandonment of baby with juice pop wrappers under her stroller remind me that Kitty is just not a girly girl (which I love ).. Harrington's line up of trucks up to the slide remind me how much of my OCD he has in him (which I love). Kitty's flip flops by the bat remind she runs around with no shoes on all day (which I love)... That last pic makes me smile the most there is Harrington's truck with Kitty's Hula and Marcus's Strawberries and watering can.. that was them last night doing what they each fancied best before bed.. I love my kids mess because it is mess made by them and it matters

Do you have a favourite thing you come across that always reminds you of a favourite something?

Wordless Wednesday.. Rustic Elegance

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Random but Wick Wickedy Wicked..

.... if you are into this sort of thing... you see my bro has arrived with his wonderful girly and they don't do the normal gym thing so much as he runs a really cool Personal Training Gym in London

On Saturday after a long flight he got out his TRX straps (yes it is an item not a dinosaur) and turned my back deck into a home gym.. now I know how to do lots of exercises with no help needed but this one strap  trained parts you often can't reach alone!!.... Marcus recently cancelled his gym membership (pulling i the purse strings and all that) and I only really need mine for the junior care so I can get summat done whilst I have the kids with me so I have ordered some and am hoping I can quit mine too.. the straps cost only two months membership!!

I even like the colour as won't stand out like a sore thumb on my deck when not in us... I know it doesn't float everyones boat but it certainly does mine.. Oh and Mum n Dad.. thanks.. this is what we spent our Crimbo Money on from you xx

I am grateful we went

So we went to see Santa.... I wonder when we will stop?..I sort of don't love going purely due to the expense but I do love the tradition of quote frankly the worst photo of the year of the kids!!.. It makes me laugh, you can't take it too seriously because it is the one photo of the year that is sure to go pear shaped..

I am grateful we went.. Kitty ran to Santa and told him all about what she wanted and what to get for Harrington.. H on the other hand said "no way Jose" " who is the big dude that I can't see his face and don't even know?" hadn't thought I would be in it but ho hum... Its Christmas and we all look equally average... more Christmas Nostalgia to laugh over in years to come xx

My Christmas Wishlist

Ok it has been far too long since Leanne tagged me with a Christmas Wishlist task to do a post on so here it is... it is sooo hard!! Too much I want and too much I can't have afford but Christmas is about dreaming huh?

Fromage La Rue Letter

Dougs Stencil Clock

Love this skirt

In Uber Infinity

Ok so doesn't look so sexy but when you see how she works the kitchen!!

This will serve my love of "stuff" very well

OMG.. In Love
So my next task is to firstly save up for all those goodies and secondly to tag this on before Christmas actually arrives..hmmm..who do I want to bring it on in style?...

I keep singing World Aid...

I cannot and I mean really cannot get "Feed the World" out of my head but more the line "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?"...  that would be referring to the weather gods. I am assuming the Aussie Weathermonkeys have got some of my fellow Brits controlling the whatsamacallit because this is Old Blighty weather not Sunny Sydney?!. If I hadn't put the gas heater away when I erected the Christmas Tree last week I probably wouldn't care but I did and my lazy bum can't be bothered to re connect it...note to self.. shift that arse and get it on. 

Thought I would give you a look see at me trying to get the house all festive..

Looks a lot prettier at night ;)

The Brit in me reigns through

Internationals wrapped for posting tomorrow x

My little corner with some festive cheer

The handsome chap and his girly top right arrive soon (my bro)

love my old minimalist tree..
So after 11 years here I STILL find Christmas with sun and daylight til the late hours a bit weird.. doesn't really display Christmas Decs in quite the same way BUT I do love Australia so I will survive, lol. My last little semi was really cosy at Christmas and whilst we moved up the beaches to this house for more space it does make Christmas Spirit decorating a tad harder... hark at me moaning my house is to big to decorate!!..nah its just my purse is too tight to splash out on some more decorations this year!!. I keep saying to Marcus we will grow in to this house and that we will..slowly and organically (and as the budget allows..speaking of which I am bidding on a fab leather chair on a certain site OMG Purlease let me win!!). 

Whats your pad like? You going to share? Post me a link.. I would love to see xx