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Hero and Love for them, both to me....

I am missing my husband.. he has a new job and leaves the house near to 7am to return a whole 12 hours later just in time to see the kids before bed. He is worn out and tired and I had got very used to his time off . It was bliss when I could shop without the kids, someone else helped keep on top of laundry and even had someone else cooking a few meals.  

He is just that to my kids and both to me.

He is more patient than me and he is my balance so I am feeling a little like I am tipping over the edge.. "Any man can be a Father it takes someone special to be  a Dad". My hubby is just that. I guess I am just saying don't take it for granted your time with your guy and make the best of what you have. I have a incredible new respect for single Mums as I am really doing the lions share at the mo and they do EVERYTHING!!...

Oh sooki la la moment over.. I will get back to work and look forward to the Chrissy Break (even if he says he still has to go to work then too). What you guys planning? I am going to go to the Fish Markets and buy my body weight in Sashimi xx


  1. Very sweet, Tessa. I don't think we tell our good men enough what they mean to us. All in all it seems to go, that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone... or something like that!

    Merry Christmas to you all. I've enjoyed your thoughts so much this year and I'll see you in the new year. x

  2. I hear you lady. We are nearing the end of ridiculous 6/7 day working week for my fellow. It sucks! Hope you all get to have some time off over Christmas. Kellie xx


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