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I keep singing World Aid...

I cannot and I mean really cannot get "Feed the World" out of my head but more the line "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?"...  that would be referring to the weather gods. I am assuming the Aussie Weathermonkeys have got some of my fellow Brits controlling the whatsamacallit because this is Old Blighty weather not Sunny Sydney?!. If I hadn't put the gas heater away when I erected the Christmas Tree last week I probably wouldn't care but I did and my lazy bum can't be bothered to re connect it...note to self.. shift that arse and get it on. 

Thought I would give you a look see at me trying to get the house all festive..

Looks a lot prettier at night ;)

The Brit in me reigns through

Internationals wrapped for posting tomorrow x

My little corner with some festive cheer

The handsome chap and his girly top right arrive soon (my bro)

love my old minimalist tree..
So after 11 years here I STILL find Christmas with sun and daylight til the late hours a bit weird.. doesn't really display Christmas Decs in quite the same way BUT I do love Australia so I will survive, lol. My last little semi was really cosy at Christmas and whilst we moved up the beaches to this house for more space it does make Christmas Spirit decorating a tad harder... hark at me moaning my house is to big to decorate!!..nah its just my purse is too tight to splash out on some more decorations this year!!. I keep saying to Marcus we will grow in to this house and that we will..slowly and organically (and as the budget allows..speaking of which I am bidding on a fab leather chair on a certain site OMG Purlease let me win!!). 

Whats your pad like? You going to share? Post me a link.. I would love to see xx


  1. Your christmas decorations are gorgeous!I love the wreath! Apparently today was the coldest December day for 51 years??? Don't get it, I've got my fluffy slippers on. x

  2. I'm envious - you have so much Christmas spirit and I need some desperately. I'm buying decorations by the dozen in lieu of somewhere to put them, and hoping we get into the house before it's too late to decorate.

  3. Beautiful! Love the last pic. Photo overload over at mine as usual -

  4. my pad is super insy winsy and totally cluttered and will be even more so tomorrow after I've unearthed all the Christmas decs! I absolutely cannot get used to a hot Christmas but I have to seeing as my children will now class that as totally normal. Funny I have had Feed the World playing in my car the past few days and have had some strange looks at traffic lights when I"ve been singing along at the top of my voice with I imagine some very dodgy facial expressions too!
    will pop some pix up of our Christmas decor soon too.

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