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Its about the words

I find words so emotive, I am a sucker for a good description (ask our sellers..this seller rocks my world). I have been having a tough run past month, struggling to keep up with work, kids, household chores and then find some time for me and my love of exercise.. anywho yesterday I got this in the post

The tonic will help I have no doubt and am so thankful Kirsty sent it. I love the packaging just as much as the idea but the bestest bit was the instructions.. the wording is perfect and had me sold before I even took a drop.

New Leaf

The remedy for the times when your Heart makes promises that your Mind can’t keep! 

Most of us instinctively know when it’s time to turn over a new leaf… we just don't know how to do it without shaking the whole tree!

Think of this remedy as a ‘ladder’ that lets you climb to new heights…one leaf at a time… with grace, calm, and dignity to make the change you have been longing for.

(it tells you what is in it with the reasons behind their content but I won't share their secrets there) then says..

Aim: To be free of limiting influences; to focus on the present; energy and enthusiasm for change; a quiet calm mind; joy in life

Not only that…once those new leaves have appeared, it will help anchor the resolve to keep them coming. Viva la resolution!

Doesn't reading that just lift your spirits and bring positive thoughts? xx

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  1. LOve anything that can do that! Have a wonderful Christmas. x


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