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Mess that Matters

On the days I don't have the kids I rush around doing endless chores or plonk myself at the computer and don't leave until pick up.. sad I know but I like my work so can't complain... I miss them when they are gone because despite my rants I do love them rather a lot!!.. when I went out in the garden to get some veggies today I realised how much I like their mess. 

The abandonment of baby with juice pop wrappers under her stroller remind me that Kitty is just not a girly girl (which I love ).. Harrington's line up of trucks up to the slide remind me how much of my OCD he has in him (which I love). Kitty's flip flops by the bat remind she runs around with no shoes on all day (which I love)... That last pic makes me smile the most there is Harrington's truck with Kitty's Hula and Marcus's Strawberries and watering can.. that was them last night doing what they each fancied best before bed.. I love my kids mess because it is mess made by them and it matters

Do you have a favourite thing you come across that always reminds you of a favourite something?


  1. So many... the Badoo leaves gentle reminders as to her messy self all over my house for me to delicately trip over. It's marvellous. x

  2. Oh so many. My last child is about to start year 3 yet i still walk into each of their rooms for no reason at all, each day, how they leave their rooms says so much about each of their personalities.
    Such a sweet post, enjoy those children, love Posie

  3. Each child is so different and I love looking at their bits and pieces around the place, especially how they leave their rooms. It reminds me of who they are. x

  4. Hallo from me.


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