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My Christmas Wishlist

Ok it has been far too long since Leanne tagged me with a Christmas Wishlist task to do a post on so here it is... it is sooo hard!! Too much I want and too much I can't have afford but Christmas is about dreaming huh?

Fromage La Rue Letter

Dougs Stencil Clock

Love this skirt

In Uber Infinity

Ok so doesn't look so sexy but when you see how she works the kitchen!!

This will serve my love of "stuff" very well

OMG.. In Love
So my next task is to firstly save up for all those goodies and secondly to tag this on before Christmas actually arrives..hmmm..who do I want to bring it on in style?...


  1. This is quite good whishlist. It reminds me it is time to prepare mine too. Thank you for the interesting ideas!

  2. Lovely list - have you sent hubby and Santa a copy? Thinking cap on..

  3. Hehe, what a "short"list of wishes, I was worried that I want too many things - a pair of glasses and a dress, but you beat me definitely!


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