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Random but Wick Wickedy Wicked..

.... if you are into this sort of thing... you see my bro has arrived with his wonderful girly and they don't do the normal gym thing so much as he runs a really cool Personal Training Gym in London

On Saturday after a long flight he got out his TRX straps (yes it is an item not a dinosaur) and turned my back deck into a home gym.. now I know how to do lots of exercises with no help needed but this one strap  trained parts you often can't reach alone!!.... Marcus recently cancelled his gym membership (pulling i the purse strings and all that) and I only really need mine for the junior care so I can get summat done whilst I have the kids with me so I have ordered some and am hoping I can quit mine too.. the straps cost only two months membership!!

I even like the colour as won't stand out like a sore thumb on my deck when not in us... I know it doesn't float everyones boat but it certainly does mine.. Oh and Mum n Dad.. thanks.. this is what we spent our Crimbo Money on from you xx

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