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Teachers Pet

Not something I have ever been called nor am I likely to hear my kids called but that is fine, we are all just rather individual, no sorry, unique and spirited, oh o.k, mildly challenging and pretty stubborn.

Childcare Pick Up..normal attire xx

It is that time of year and as my kids attend childcare a couple of times a week (thank the lord) it is time to tell the teachers how much we think they are fab!. My kids go to a little Kindy back where we used to live and the area is pretty upmarket wealthy so it the true spirit of not keeping up with the Jones's we decided to get some tins and toffees and make some mess to present to them today.

The kids coloured, stamped, glued and filled the tins (stealing a few toffees on the way, told you, no teachers pet there!!). I had to try and relax and let them choose some of the horrendous colour matches for tags and not shout when things were not centrally stuck or stamped and I am glad I did. We added little apothecary bottles with Sweet Basil seeds in to plant in the tin after the toffees are gone. They look like they were made by the kids and that means more than a $50 of wine from some Mum that couldn't care if you loved thier kid or not.. doesn't it? (I am actually rather liking the wine idea but only if it was coming my way!!)


  1. what perfect pressies for those hard working teachers! they did such a great job. & good on you for letting them create xx

  2. I am a teacher and let me say, these are perfect!! I would be flabbergasted!!

  3. Such gorgeous gifts and love the pic of Harrington!

  4. I'm sure if you are an 'uncrafty' mum you don't have to suffer those 'don't stick that there/don't use that colour' moments. It must be pretty relaxing just to let them go nuts and not to even care about the results. Kitty entered a colouring competition today to win a giant handmade chocolate santa (which I of course am DYING for her to win). I had to walk away as couldn't stand the inaccurate scribbling and glitter dumping for too much longer!! I did however rave at the result so she wouldn't know the difference!

  5. Great idea, Love the tins where did u find them?

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