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Collections : Its a Vibrant Summer

This collection was put together by our boutique store little miss gee.. I would have to say my top pick from her store is the feather tea towel.. mainly because I have a thing for feathers and you can never have enough tea towels x

DTLL Finds : The Creative Space


Soft and Serene, this Creative Space is perfect for me and I can get it all from Down that Little Lane :)

Let's Get Ready to Party : Bring in the New Year


For the Love of Eating : Salted Caramel and Choccy Fruitcake

By Special Request from the lovely peeps on our FB Page I am publishing the cake I made yesterday..

This is from the December Issue of Home Beautiful and there are some other seriously yummy things in there too..


375g Raisins
300g Currants
250g Pitted Dates (chopped)
1/4 Butterscotch Schnapps
180g Butter (room temp, chopped)
1/2 cup brown sugar
2tsp vanilla bean paste
3 eggs
1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup of self raising flour
1tbsp mixed spice
250g Caramel bits
1/4tsp of finely ground salt
100g salted dark choc (finely chopped)
icing sugar
extra choc for choc sauce 250g

How too

Raisins, currants, dates and schnapps combine and leave covered in plastic for 2 hrs
preheat oven to 150C Brush Bundt pan with melted butter then dust with flour and empty out the residue
Put Butter, sugar and vanilla in small bowl of an electric mixer and beat until pale and creamy
Add each egg one by one and beat in between
Add butter mixture to fruit then add the sifted flour, spice, caramel bits, dark chocolate and salt and stir well to combine
Spoon into the pan and with a wet spoon make smooth
Bake for 1hr 15 - 1hr 30 or until skewer comes out clean
Remove from oven and wrap in kitchen towel and leave to cool overnight
To serve, invert, dust with icing sugar, drizzle with some of the melted choc and leave to set then serve the rest of the melted chocolate as a sauce

Merry Christmas Guys.. I hope you enjoy.. on typing this I now realise I forgot the self raising but it still looks fab so how hum!! x

Meet My Sponsors : The Inspired Paddock

When Fiona came to me asking if she was suitable for Down that Little Lane I squealed with delight. You see throughout the year I see things in different places that I think oh if only I could find someone to make those for DTLL.

I had done just that earlier this year and not had time to source anyone so you can imagine my delight when up she popped with exactly what I had been meaning to find. I messaged he back (knowing she was local) asking if she had possibly been inspired by the same items I had seen and by golly she had. Some things are just meant to be.. And so The Inspired Paddock became part of the DTLL Family. 100% handmade using re claimed timber and the likes and just such unique pieces to keep forever..

Ho Ho Ho : Stocking Fillers


Meet my Sponsors : Sweet Style

Ask anyone who knows her, Leanne is a sweetheart. We hardly ever get time to catch up despite her living 20 minutes up the road but we email daily about orders on DTLL and often chat about the snippets of our days then.

She runs Sweet Style, one of our most popular stores on DTLL. If you want something special for a party or dinner party, fabulous gift ideas for wedding favours or teachers pressies Sweet Style is your one stop shop!

Leanne is an amazing photographer and her pictures always inspire me to pay attention to the little details..

You can find Leanne contributing for Fete Magazine and also at Life Instyle Blog and to top it all off she can also do desert tables for your functions!!

Just get it out there....

Are you one that stews on comments and never says anything?

I am not.. I may not say anything immediately but if something bothers me enough it won't take long.

This week my Mum and I had a full on screaming argumment, we swore, we cried, we said I love you and we walked away. This is the way I work best. You get it out, you both assess what was said and you build a bridge and get over it which is exactly what we have done.

I am so grateful I have parents that I can do that with.

It was over my son. Mum's comments to him had hurt me as she had been reprimanding him for not treating me well and not being nice to me. She was right. He is at a pretty difficult defiant stage and the way he (and his sister sometimes) treat me is far from ideal. I think as Mothers we often let it slide as we get used to it but it is wrong however listening to my Mum tell him off I got defensive as in my mind this is the little man I created.

Post fight I actually realised how her words had come from such a place of love and not of anger in that she was actually not trying to fix him because there is something wrong with him, more as a result of the fact she didn't like seeing her daughter treated like that.

Mum was feeling the exact feeling I had felt when hearing her words to him, she got defensive as I am the little girl SHE created.

So this week I am grateful for emotions, grateful for truth and grateful for love that truly can outlive any thing, if your love is strong enough it can and my love for my parents is just that.

That would be them there with my hubby n kiddlywinx.. so much love..

Do your family argue? Do you get over it or are you still at war?

I just like it : Instagram Love

I love Instagram.. I love visual things so I love Insta and Pinterest the most...

Cherie kept seeing beautiful pictures with pieces from Down that Little Lane in them and sending them to me. We get such a buzz from it each time that we decided we wanted to a) say thanks to those that have bought from us and b) be able to see them all in one place easily.

Please welcome the Monthly DTLL InstaComp. Each month we will give a $50 voucher to our favourite picture on Instagram featuring one of our sellers pieces that has tagged our shop @downthatlittlelaneshop and hastagged it #dtllinstacomp

Ho Ho Ho : Christmas Table

Ho Ho Ho : Advent Creations

The other day I showed you an advent calendar that has inspired me and then for our newsletter from DTLL I came across another.

Loving them both.. what to do? Well chuck 'em both together of course!. Ta da!

Must be said the best part was going on the hunt for the stick... The Kids took Papa on a Treasure Hunt whilst Obi kept guard at the rear with me..

For the Love of Eating : Peppermint Royale

I have been thinking what to make for end of year pressies for teachers.. I am thinking no more.....

Ho Ho Ho : Wrap it Up

Girl Crush....

So I need to introduce another of my sponsors. I may or may not have a slight girl crush on her and I may or may not be rather addicted to her range of jewellery.. AND I may or may not have had the best night out with her last night affirming to me further that she is a top banana (oh and yes we do have matching earrings on but no we didn't care!)

She is of course Kate Sutton of Uberkate . Kate has designs to suit every taste and her originals sell as well as her newest designs.. I just keep adding as time goes by...

Click on the image to see Kate's top picks from her site

Girl Crush....

So I need to introduce another of my sponsors. I may or may not have a slight girl crush on her and I may or may not be rather addicted to her range of jewellery.. AND I may or may not have had the best night out with her last night affirming to me further that she is a top banana (oh and yes we do have matching earrings on but no we didn't care!)

She is of course Kate Sutton of Uberkate . Kate has designs to suit every taste and her originals sell as well as her newest designs.. I just keep adding as time goes by...

Click on the image to see Kate's top picks from her site

Santa Claus is coming to town....


We spent Saturday putting up the rest of the decorations after doing the tree on Thursday and now it feels like Christmas. We go the Red, White, Silver and Grey. What colours do you do?

Its a Connection

I said last week how my gratefuls are often either blinder singles or a mix of little bits and bobs.. this week is another random musings..

Watching my parents with their grandchildren has been fabulous, as always they do things a different way to me and they claim I was never like my own kids.. I was heaven apparently.. yeah right!

One of my favourite things about DTLL is not making money but making relationships.

This week I have been connecting like a flousy (sp?). My gorgeous Cherie and I have been sharing plans for our future all whilst she prepares for Max's 2nd B Day (Happy Birthday Master Max!).

I went up into the hills to meet a rather perfect new seller for DTLL called Fi, she was divine, her house is a place I could settle, her dog gave me kisses, your heart will go thump when you see her creations AND her brother in law is one of my heroes. We connected on so many levels and I know we will be good friends.

Kitty and I got our Christmas on.. I was sort of dreading it as usually it is just a solo event with me being ordered around but she was such a little helper and we have a really lovely time making the tree look its best and then pottering around the house deciding where other things should go.

By the end of the week I desperately needed to get over to the Bondi Office to hang out with the Creative team and work on our development site as we have some fab features coming that we had to test out before we let them loose.. I have known the boys for over 7 years but its only the last 2 that we have been in contact daily. They are totally different personalities and I adore them all. I sat on Friday between Mark and Adam with Petr on Facetime on the iPad and just slotted in. They are my family now and the view out the window wasn't bad either!!

So this week I am grateful for connections, for relationships and for the people I choose to share my life with.. they make everything rosy, simple as that x

Ho Ho Ho : Time to Decorate


Meet my Sponsors

So I opened up sponsorship spots the other week and thought it was about time I told you all about them..

First up is Boudoir Lash Bar. I actually went and experienced this last week and I love it. I like to look made up but I am time poor, like to exercise and shower far too much and am also one for the VERY natural look.

I now do absolutely nothing but moisturiser each day and yet look alive and keep getting comments.. ticks all my boxes but if it all sounds too much for you just go try it for all the upcoming Christmas bashes at least then see if you can stay away after that..

I will introduce you too my other sponsors later in the week :)

Things that go....

squeal in the night... I ma not even sure why I am sharing this as probably not funy to anyone else AND my bit that makes me laugh the most is actually a hypothetical situation but last night our fire alarm decided to wake us all at 4am with the most ridiculous high pitched squeal known to man..

Dad and Marcus ran our to the corridor, the alarm is just by my bedroom door so I could lay and watch. He grabs a bar stool and stands on tip toes with my Dad at his hips so he can just touch the turn off button.. NOPE.. He grabs a books so he can reach a bit further.. NOPE...Dad gets up (he has 3 inches on Marcus) and takes the cover off to prod it?.. NOPE. Marcus goes to grab the book as he is about to wallop the thing off the ceiling. I get up grab the step ladder, go up myself and pull the battery out YEEHAH!.

Dads comment "But you have just disconnected the battery?" err yes so the bloody thing stops squealing!..

My thoughts as I went back to bed giggling.. men are fixers, women are dooers AND thank god we don't all sleep naked these days!!.

Q& A with our GIveaway

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

My sister Emma and I started Fletcher May earlier this year. Each of us had spent considerable time and energy renovating our own homes in the past couple of years and we saw a niche in the market for high quality and stylish room decor that was also functional. I was getting frustrated that my fridge was becoming cluttered with everything and anything so the magnetic boards gave me the perfect opportunity to re-organise. With Emma’s background in early childhood education we decided to start our products focusing on magnetic boards for children because for them the boards are not only stylish but can also be used for educational purposes. We have just started a new range of magnetic boards for other places in the home and are very excited to be not only be catering for children but also adults.

Why did you choose your business name?

We chose Fletcher May because they are both names of significance in our families and also represent our business well. Fletcher embodies our practical and functional side, while May draws on our feminine and whimsical influences.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

Being a new business, we have had a steep learning curve and have learnt so much in such a short time. The most enjoyable part has been watching our business grow throughout the year. From the very first time we started thinking about designs to watching those designs turn into products ready to sell. 

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

We have so many dreams and aspiration in life that not all are ever realised. However for us just to start a business and receive so much positive feedback, it feels like a big tick off our bucket list!

What inspires or motivates you? 

We are both big believers in getting out there and making things happen, so to us people that are doing this are inspiring. Whether they be the new owners at the awesome bakery down the road or Nanna’s cousin Ted studying law at 87 - this is what motivates us.

and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business..

Sunny days at the park with the kids playing happily and a good take away coffee. 

Getting My Christmas On..

I am starting to think about Christmas Decorations and fancy doing this little baby for sure.. easy and fun and SOO my colour!!..

all you need is..
  • 25 brown-paper craft envelopes
  • 1m each of five different ribbons, lace, braids or fabric tapes
  • number stamps and ink pad
  • stickers and small found items such as tickets, tags, buttons and string and glue..
Find the how to guide over here at homelife

Do you have an advent calendar? Bought or home made?

Random Musings of the Grateful Kind..

I usually find when I come to my gratefuls that I either feel meh.. what have I got for you?.. NADA, immediate OMG it is so just this one big thing I am grateful for like last week or my head pops all over the week going "that was pretty cool and oh I loved that.. ".. so today is the later.. Kinda Random.

Lets start at the start, good a place as any.

Monday was an awesome press day so I am, as always totally grateful for that..

Tuesday I went and had some eyelash extensions I met the owner the other day and couldn't stop staring at her so decided to take the plunge. I don't wear make daily so as you don't need any with these they are perfect for me. You like?.. I LOVE .. not me but my lashes.

Wednesday I went to an exhibition in Balmain and met up with two of our stores and got to see the stunning work of Kanimbla Clay in much bigger sizes than I own... Here is me with the beautiful Brianna and lovely Helen beside Helens Valley Vase

Thursday I just hung with the kids and caught up on some work that had been getting lost on to do lists.. always a kicking goals moment for me

and today.. well today was Kindy Concert.. Oh so cute AND I have just decided we are getting Take Away tonight so I am already grateful for that.

What were you up to this week? Is your grateful a random or a whopper?

Naturals & Neutrals..

Q&A with our Giveaway

This store is a top favourite of mine and my daughter has had a new kaftan each summer with many of them bought by me to give as gifts.. Time for you to meet the gorgeous Katie, the face behind the brand :)

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

Kaftan Kids was started in 2010 after my initial foray into children's
clothing. I saw a niche opportunity to start a unique clothing business
based on Kaftans for kids as there was nothing in the market like it. I
wanted to provide a 100% cotton cover up that was both practical and
fashionable, bringing style to the beach!

Why did you choose your business name?

Kaftan kids had a great sound to it and made it clear as to what we
provided. It also helped from a business perspective as we were able to
maximise interest through search optimisation and stood out from other
business names.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

The interaction with customers, suppliers and retailers have been great.
Seeing how Kaftan Kids went from an idea and opportunity to a successful
business has been exciting and exhilarating.

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few

The major highlights for me have been the exposure through the media due to
positive feedback on my brand and products. Also having customers say that
they are buying a kaftan because they saw another child wearing one while on
holidays is amazing. It is recognition that the vision has been supported.

What inspires or motivates you? and lastly tell me one things about yourself
that you love but has nothing to do with business..

Having a beautiful family around me, gorgeous friends and two fun loving
children. Life is for living and I try to live life to the full and give the
most to each and every day!