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It was sorta funny..

This was a while back but thought I would share as it was sorta funny... Oh and FYI it was Christmas....

What a mess but I did laugh... oh the things kids can do in 5 seconds flat?!

Lets Decorate ;)

So last Wednesdays post told you I like Cherry Blossom and you know I love redecorating rooms again and again so what better to do that with than removable decals.

Not sure if I have mentioned it here but we are launching Down that Little Lane US in a few months so my bro in law and his wife have been sourcing fab sellers and came across Cherry Walls.. we got chatting and we got asking.... asking if they wanted to give our readers and followers a lil' summat just for being so spesh :)

So I choose some pieces and if you win you can choose between..

So what to do to enter? Easy.... and it is an offer open Worldwide :)

1. Click on the picture of the one you would like and choose a colour then go to our Facebook Page, like us and leave a note saying what colour of which decal you would like

2.Become a follower of Down that Little Lane via Google Friend Connect

Do this for ONE entry

For another entry:

 Write your own post about this giveaway, tweet it , facebook it..whatever you like best leaving me a comment (for each) telling me that you have.

AND if you are into fab giveaways get over here and register for our newsletters as next month we start our fab newsletters with giveaways EVERY month along with other fab offers from our sellers throughout the year xx

Once in a while..

I love all our sellers or they would never be on the website but every once in a while I come home to a little something on my doorstep (no not a present from the dog) but a little parcel saying that a certain seller loves the site and just wanted to make sure I actually got to see what fabulous quality their product is.

So many of the sellers are on there because I have bought from them long before Down that Little Lane was a lightbulb in my head but others I have just discovered and researched but never actually seen.. the Pretty Paper co is one of these and the range is divine.. check it....

Happy Australia Day ;)


(Click on image for reference)

Wordless Wednesday.. Cherry

Collections Part 1

I love our little Collections around the house, bits n bobs from those we love, from Vinnies, from family, from the website...from all over. I will look back on this post and smile as I do every time I walk past them at home.

 What makes you smile?

Its a Promise..

Its a promise that I have made to myself for the year that every Friday I will find the time to sit in my garden for at least an hour with a book or magazine.

I will do my exercise in the morning, pop to the shops, come back work for a couple of hours whilst the midday sun is out and then plonk myself just here..

What have you promised yourself this year?

She tears me up every time..

4 1/2 Years ago this little lady wandered into my life. With a British Mum and being new to Australia we had an easy bond. She was the same age as my Kitty and well... Brits rock so I loved her and her Mum immediately.

Nearly two years ago (Feb 3rd 2010) she passed away, five days before her brother Jamie was born. She had been battling neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous tissue since she was 9 months old and she was a fighter. To think back to seeing her in hospital makes me swell with pride for all she got through but tear up with the sadness that she never made it.

Her Mum and Dad have been on a mission ever since to to increase awareness of neuroblastoma and raise more than $100,000 to support CCIA’s research into this aggressive childhood cancer that took little Sienna’s life. They have done an amazing job... last years gala dinner raised $96,000 and they are about to embark on the second so I wanted to do a post to see if anyone fancied a posh night out for an amazing cause ;)

Ok so details are:

Sienna’s Frangipani Charity Gala Dinner
on behalf of The Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia for vital research into Neuroblastoma.
Friday 17th February 2012 6.30 pm
Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney.
Guest speakers
JACK VIDGEN, winner of Australia’s Got Talent

Champagne reception 6:30pm sponsored by Moet et Chandon:
Gourmet two course dinner 7:30pm with complimentary wine sponsored by St Hallett | Coffee and biscotti
Live auction and Silent auction | Raffle and surprise balloon prizes
Tickets $130 | email or call 0406991606 or online at

If you don't want to do the dinner but just feel the urge to donate pop here and click the Donate Now Button as every little bit helps (you all know that)

Check out the Venue ;)

Wordless Wednesday.. Details

Be who you want to be...

After a chat with a friend who was having a tough day the other day I got to thinking. Why do we change or ways or curb our views for others? The fact that you have not been your true self means they don't know who our true self is and also that they think you are someone you are not.

Who wins there? You are not relaxed about pretending, they have no idea you ARE pretending and therefore they are never going to give you any thanks for doing so.. why bother?

Be who you want to be then you won't get pissed because no is thanking you for essentially being fake and if they don't like you being you... ahem well you know where they can stick it.

I sound like a cow, I sound selfish, I sound like I don't care what people think of me. Far from it, I care so much I want my friendships and relationships to be real. I know my husband knows the real me and he isn't going anywhere, my kids are stuck with me and truly if everyone else decided they didn't like who I was then I'd be happy with just them.

Luckily for me I have a handful of friends that love and care for me like family despite me being just who I am and never pretending to be something I am not.

My family both direct and married into are just the same.. they are scattered all over the place in different countries but we talk and we share and we love each other.

Its special and its oh so much more special because it is REAL x

Grateful for Having It....

This week I am grateful for having it... having the fitness to be able to take my 14yr old cousin out running. He is VERY strong runner..

This week I got to spend two different mornings running around Sydney Harbour Bush Tracks with Marcus's cousin Chay. Two hours of quality time with him, two hours of playing at my old job of helping him push his fitness boundaries, two hours of seeing him realise he really is a young man with boundless potential.

It has been wonderful and I can't wait to do it all again next week. I will miss him when he goes back to school but maybe I will steal him on a weekend or let Marcus have the pleasure.

Watch out Ironmans.. I am going to make sure this kid is coming to get you..

It doesn't cost the earth....

This house is having a "frugal year", great way to start I know and even better time to have a Birthday Party BUT its not that hard.. few people said "it must have cost you". Well no it didn't and I will prove it.

Popcorn 99c
Pop Corn holders $2 Big W
Chocolate Bars $2.79 for 5 at Aldi
Kikki K wrapping paper used for drinks and chocolate bars $4.75
Coke bottles $1 each (I can't use the glass yet as too many young kids)
Cupcake cones $3.50 for 30 so 15c each, cupcake and whipping $2 for all made
Snow drops $75c per pack x3 (Christmas sale, was having milk bottles but changed on seeing these as cheaper)
Thomas cake, pack $29, recipe ingredients $15, total $44 and lots of swearing
Crisps $3
Marshmallow Pops $7 all up (mallows, white choc and sticks)
Fruit Kebabs, grapes, strawberries, watermelon $13
Vintage containers, all Vinnies $4
Cake stands (gift), Apothecary Jar lives in my bedroom from Sweet Style
Lolly bags Kraft $1 each (used 10)
Baking cups $4.95 for 25 (used 14 so $2.80)
Jelly $2
Bunting (handmade) $4 and lots of time but was re used from Kitty's B Day
Balloons $2 (had left overs from Kittys anyhow)
Pom poms re use from Kitty's
Plates, Coles $2.25
Straws $10 from Sweet Style but had from Kitty's
Wooden Cutlery $7 Sweet Style and now have left over for next party

TOTAL $130... you could take some off for the money I didn't have to spend as left over from Kittys Party or already purchased Vinnies find etc and add a bit if you wanted to cater for adults but we were 10-12 so tea and coffees all around xx