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Be who you want to be...

After a chat with a friend who was having a tough day the other day I got to thinking. Why do we change or ways or curb our views for others? The fact that you have not been your true self means they don't know who our true self is and also that they think you are someone you are not.

Who wins there? You are not relaxed about pretending, they have no idea you ARE pretending and therefore they are never going to give you any thanks for doing so.. why bother?

Be who you want to be then you won't get pissed because no is thanking you for essentially being fake and if they don't like you being you... ahem well you know where they can stick it.

I sound like a cow, I sound selfish, I sound like I don't care what people think of me. Far from it, I care so much I want my friendships and relationships to be real. I know my husband knows the real me and he isn't going anywhere, my kids are stuck with me and truly if everyone else decided they didn't like who I was then I'd be happy with just them.

Luckily for me I have a handful of friends that love and care for me like family despite me being just who I am and never pretending to be something I am not.

My family both direct and married into are just the same.. they are scattered all over the place in different countries but we talk and we share and we love each other.

Its special and its oh so much more special because it is REAL x


  1. I will always remember an old Shakespear quote that said , "To thine self be true!". I guess if you are not true to yourself how can you possibly maintain true friendships? Real and lasting relationships are based on honesty! I have friendships that go back to when I was in Year 1. We are like sisters. These are precious and deserve attention, x

  2. A big 'bravo' and an even bigger 'of course'. I am so far removed from the 'pretenders' that I couldn't even tell you what their motivation for doing so might be. I have never understood it and I can't pick it because I just don't have that agenda.

    I just get on with things and I don't really give this sort of thing much thought at all. Blogging has really opened my eyes to the kinds of things people 'pretend' about. Prior to that, I had no idea!!! x

  3. Isn't it sad that I sometimes have to TRY to be myself.

    I can tell you that it has gotten much easier with age. I'm 35 and still finding myself, but I love myself so much more than I use to.

    True friends love us as we are.

    Beautiful Blog

  4. Tessa, you could not have said it better!! I am exactly like you in attitude. I am so comfortable in who I am and only what to nuture relationships with people that are actually real. I cannot tolerate falseness or people being two faced and I don't actually understand it, so like you if that makes me selfish or makes people think I don't care about there opinion so be it!! xx


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