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Collections Part 1

I love our little Collections around the house, bits n bobs from those we love, from Vinnies, from family, from the website...from all over. I will look back on this post and smile as I do every time I walk past them at home.

 What makes you smile?


  1. you have a great collection of precious pieces! Sunshine & blue sky makes me smile. xx

  2. These are all so adorable. Love the family snaps too.
    x KL

  3. You have such a comforting collection of things... I collect little tin robots and old cameras with my husband, not so comforting but lots of fun to play with. I love your babushka doll collection!!!

  4. I love to see lovely little collections of personal items around a home. I try to do that as well - it's a mish mash of vintage bits picked up secondhand, gifts and handmade things! Love that little monkey :)


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