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Grateful for Having It....

This week I am grateful for having it... having the fitness to be able to take my 14yr old cousin out running. He is VERY strong runner..

This week I got to spend two different mornings running around Sydney Harbour Bush Tracks with Marcus's cousin Chay. Two hours of quality time with him, two hours of playing at my old job of helping him push his fitness boundaries, two hours of seeing him realise he really is a young man with boundless potential.

It has been wonderful and I can't wait to do it all again next week. I will miss him when he goes back to school but maybe I will steal him on a weekend or let Marcus have the pleasure.

Watch out Ironmans.. I am going to make sure this kid is coming to get you..


  1. I bet he remembers your runs forever, Tess.

    Wish I could do that... I could push him to a shuffle. Challenging! x

  2. Jealous of that fitness! Admirable!

  3. Oh I really really really need to get out and exercise.

    Love that you are grateful for the little things.


  4. I know I will remember them and he is keen to continue so thats a thumbs up.. fitness is a thing amongst my family and my hubbys.. we are all just into it.. I think you either are or your aren't x

  5. I'll bet he appreciates the support and motivation! Sounds like he has great things ahead for me. :)


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