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It doesn't cost the earth....

This house is having a "frugal year", great way to start I know and even better time to have a Birthday Party BUT its not that hard.. few people said "it must have cost you". Well no it didn't and I will prove it.

Popcorn 99c
Pop Corn holders $2 Big W
Chocolate Bars $2.79 for 5 at Aldi
Kikki K wrapping paper used for drinks and chocolate bars $4.75
Coke bottles $1 each (I can't use the glass yet as too many young kids)
Cupcake cones $3.50 for 30 so 15c each, cupcake and whipping $2 for all made
Snow drops $75c per pack x3 (Christmas sale, was having milk bottles but changed on seeing these as cheaper)
Thomas cake, pack $29, recipe ingredients $15, total $44 and lots of swearing
Crisps $3
Marshmallow Pops $7 all up (mallows, white choc and sticks)
Fruit Kebabs, grapes, strawberries, watermelon $13
Vintage containers, all Vinnies $4
Cake stands (gift), Apothecary Jar lives in my bedroom from Sweet Style
Lolly bags Kraft $1 each (used 10)
Baking cups $4.95 for 25 (used 14 so $2.80)
Jelly $2
Bunting (handmade) $4 and lots of time but was re used from Kitty's B Day
Balloons $2 (had left overs from Kittys anyhow)
Pom poms re use from Kitty's
Plates, Coles $2.25
Straws $10 from Sweet Style but had from Kitty's
Wooden Cutlery $7 Sweet Style and now have left over for next party

TOTAL $130... you could take some off for the money I didn't have to spend as left over from Kittys Party or already purchased Vinnies find etc and add a bit if you wanted to cater for adults but we were 10-12 so tea and coffees all around xx


  1. The Thomas cake looks BRILLIANT! Are you kidding me!

    None of my parties ever cost me much. That's the whole point of putting the darn thing together yourself. Creative and cheap - that's my motto. x

  2. I think you were lying when you said you were useless at party planning...???!?!?! awesome all over. the cake looks brilliant, have made a few in my time and cursing is mandatory. love it on a budget, even when there is more money to spend, I am a scrooge and always do it as cheap as possible. well done x

  3. Very well done! In the same "Frugal" boat, and will be using some of those tips. Thank YOU!

  4. Gorgeous little party! Love a frugal party. You really don't need to spend much to put on a great show! Well done!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the tips. I will definetly be using some of these, but as my cooking is terrible, I will be recruiting grandma for the cake!

  6. Mel@Georgica Pond31 January 2012 at 14:16

    Just catching up on old posts from January - love what you did for Harry's party. Looks fab!

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