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January Photo Challenge Day 4..

This was a challenge set by the gorgeous Chantelle. I fancy to do a big collage at the end of the month but thought I would share as I went along too.. Day 1 was You, Day 2 Breakfast, Day 3 Something you Adore, Day 4 Letterbox

Day 1 You

Day 2 Breakfast

Day 3 Something you adore

Day 4 Letterbox

Day 1.... OK.. Me 'n' H..this is how he kisses you when he really means it!!

Day 2... Embarassed to say this Breakfast was it and was at 3pm!!

Day 3... Of course my family come to mind 1st for adore but the picture wall in the kids new shared bedroom is second as it is new to me right now..

Day 4..... Cheap n Cheerful.. I will replace it one day but the ones I like are so expensive and really I would just like my bro in law to send me his!!


  1. I completely adore your wall.. and that smooch too. Too precious.
    Found you through today's link on Fat Mum Slim. Looking forward to more of your photos this Jan! :)x
    I'm doing the challenge too via my blog

  2. 3pm breakky ????? How do you do that? x Nice to meet you.

  3. Thanks Chibi and 3pm breakky.. well 2 kids, a large website to run and an obsession with keeping my house neat make Tessa a very dull girl , lol xx


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