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Once in a while..

I love all our sellers or they would never be on the website but every once in a while I come home to a little something on my doorstep (no not a present from the dog) but a little parcel saying that a certain seller loves the site and just wanted to make sure I actually got to see what fabulous quality their product is.

So many of the sellers are on there because I have bought from them long before Down that Little Lane was a lightbulb in my head but others I have just discovered and researched but never actually seen.. the Pretty Paper co is one of these and the range is divine.. check it....


  1. I love their simplicity and boldness. Really lovely cards. x

  2. I am new to your blog and shop but I fell instantly in love! I have found my nephew's next birthday present (the personalised atlas) and our future dining table (the farmhouse table)! I just need my house to hurry up and be built so I can buy that beautiful table and more of your lovely wares.

  3. OH that's so cute, love the accessories, styling, props too!! What lovely companies & products to work with, lucky girl. Love Posie


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