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Queen for a Day...

I am curious.. what are you queen of, or king for that matter?. I often laugh at what I am queen for a day with.

I am queen of multi tasking. I can't help myself. I brush my teeth whilst getting the kids clothes out for the day. I clean the shower whilst I am showering me. I delete e mails as I wait for photos to upload.. I just don't ever stand or sit or even stare.

I am queen of organising and storage everything has a place. Not much enters my house without being packaged in a more attractive vessel and labelled and put in  a special place. Its my weakness, I like tidy but I am Queen of it so that is ok.

I am queen of taking myself into the red zone. Mainly in sports, I enjoy the power of mind over body. I enjoy the buzz I get from not giving up and I love feeling shattered after a good workout. I also queen of the red zone when it comes to my temper. I blame my father but really it is mine to own. I need to not sweat the small stuff.

Whats your thing?


  1. Oh I think I could have written this words exactly. The sport, the blame, everything! I would add queen of a clean car and queen of clean windows also ;)

  2. After my effort yesterday at making a mango cheesecake which resulted in my husband declaring me a 'legend' (his words), I would have to say I am queen of my kitchen! And if you saw the size and state of my 30 year old kitchen I think you might agree.

  3. I'm queen of decluttering and queen of floating in my backyard pool. But I am not queen of the red zone. I wish I was. x

  4. I'm queen of saying yes - it's a strength and a weakness! Loved the post


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