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Wish me Luck....

I don't enjoy doing things I know I am useless at.. I love a challenge but secretly I am a wimp.. I only do the challenges I know I can rise too.

Decorating, Simple Craft, Interior Design, Cleaning, Organising and of course any sport you want to chuck at me.. BRING IT ON. Cake Baking? oh dear I think I just pooed my pants ;(

So I have my little boys 3rd B Day this Sunday and it is on a major budget (the website and our bank account are not friends, lol). I will hopefully show you next week how to make a nice looking spread on next to nothing but for now I am off to try and make this....

and change my knickers , lol xx


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  2. That cakes looks so amazing.

  3. Well we will see how mine turns out and I am taking pics as I go so we can see where or if it all goes to pot ;)

  4. You can do it!

    I completely relate by the way x

  5. You are seriously tackling a THOMAS? Go girl! x

  6. Love the 'lucky' photo that background green is so perfect colour I think....
    Good luck with Thomas:) x

  7. Thanks girls and you can pin the pic from my Down that Little Lane Board on pinterest if you want it ;) button on right bar xx


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